Wilier’s Urta Max SLR targets XC racing with negative-rise stem and regressive travel

Cross-country bike features new one-piece carbon cockpit

Wilier Triestina Urta MAX SLR hero shot.

The Urta Max SLR is Wilier Triestina’s latest full-suspension cross-country mountain bike, said to provide the Wilier-Pirelli Factory Team with “a modern and versatile race bike”.

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The new cross-country race bike has a high-performance suspension system with 120mm of travel front and back, according to Wilier.

With a low stack, extended reach and low centre of gravity, Wilier claims this bike is ideal for cross-country racing, but also “fun on the most demanding trails”.

The bike is available in 20 different builds, with prices ranging from €6,200 to €11,200.

A new integrated carbon handlebar features on 12 of the builds and the other eight have a two-piece bar and stem.

High-modulus carbon frame and Urta Max bar

Wilier Triestina Urta MAX SLR riding shot.
The bike uses high-modulus carbon fibre in the frame.
Wilier Triestina

The two triangles that form the Urta Max SLR frame use Wilier’s HUS-MOD high-modulus carbon fibre.

This is the same carbon fibre found on Wilier’s other top-flight bikes, including the Filante SLR and Rave SLR.

The front triangle has fully integrated cable routing, with the brake, derailleur and dropper cables passing through the headset.

Wilier says this creates a clean design and improves the overall stiffness in the headset due to the absence of holes.

Holes in the headset area would otherwise disrupt the “continuous modularity and directionality of the carbon fibres”.

Wilier Triestina Urta MAX SLR handlebar photographed front on.
The Urta Max bar is said to absorb micro-vibrations.
Wilier Triestina

The new Urta Max bar is a monocoque carbon mountain bike handlebar. Wilier says it is “perfectly integrated with the frame” thanks to special spacers, and compares the design to one-piece road handlebars.

The handlebar uses the same HUS-MOD carbon as the frame. It’s said to absorb micro-vibrations on a vertical plane.

The handlebar has a negative-rise stem. The -27-degree angle enables a powerful pedalling position on technical uphill sections, according to Wilier.

Single-pivot suspension system

Wilier Triestina Urta MAX SLR photographed from low angle showing Fox Float shock.
The single-pivot suspension system has a connecting bridge between the seatstays.
Wilier Triestina

The rear suspension of the Urta Max SLR has a single-pivot point, and instead of a seat or chainstay pivot there’s a flex stay to enable suspension articulation.

To keep torsional stiffness high, there is a connecting bridge between the seatstays.

Wilier says the leverage rate of the rear suspension has been optimised to perform effectively across different terrain types.

It claims the initial part of the 45mm travel is regressive, getting stiffer as it compresses. This is said to provide a solid pedalling platform.

The next part is more linear, helping the bike absorb medium-sized hits and deliver traction.

The end stroke has more progression to provide bottom-out resistance.

You can set the rear shock to one of three damper settings: an open setting for technical downhill sections; an intermediate stage for maximum traction on technical climbs and rough terrains; and a closed stage where the bike will ride like a hardtail.

The cross-country mountain bike is available with RockShox or Fox rear shocks. Wilier says these shocks have compression tunes tailored to work in “symbiosis” with the system’s different phases.

Wilier Triestina Urta Max SLR geometry

Wilier Triestina Utra Max SLR being ridden.
Wilier says the bike’s geometry creates a sense of safety and aggressiveness.
Wilier Triestina

Wilier says the Urta Max SLR’s geometry has been designed around 120mm-travel suspension forks.

Wilier set out to keep the rider in a racing position by keeping the stack height low, extending the reach and positioning the bottom bracket low.

A size-medium frame has a stack height of 598mm and a reach of 443mm. The head angle is 67.5 degrees and the seat tube is 75 degrees.

Wilier says these measurements mean the wheelbase (1,154mm, medium) of the cross-country mountain bike is longer than the previous Urta.

According to Wilier, the geometry creates a greater sense of rider safety and aggressiveness.

Modern transmissions

Wilier Triestina Urta MAX SLR rear drive side dropout.
This bike is fitted with Shimano XTR – but you could fit it with a SRAM Eagle Transmission.
Wilier Triestina

Wilier has designed the Urta Max SLR to accommodate “modern transmissions”.

In other words, it can fit a SRAM UDH derailleur hanger, so you can fit a SRAM Eagle Transmission.

There is room to fit a 38-tooth chainring too.

All the trimmings

Wilier Triestina Urta MAX SLR rear triangle photographed from above.
The bike has clearance for 2.4in tyres.
Wilier Triestina

The Ultra Max SLR frame has room for two water bottles, which Wilier says saves time in cross-country mountain bike races because you don’t have to stop to refill so often.

The bike comes with a dropper post as standard. The small and medium frames come with dropper posts with 100mm of travel, while the large and extra-large frames have droppers with 125mm of travel.

The rear triangle and its bearings are protected by a rubber cover to prevent mud, dirt and debris from causing damage.

The bike has clearance for mountain bike tyres up to 2.4in wide.

Wilier Triestina Urta Max SLR specs and prices

Wilier Triestina Urta MAX SLR photographed from high rear angle showing Fox Float shock.
The models are available with Fox or RockShox suspension.
Wilier Triestina

Wilier has provided a list of 20 different builds in the Ultra Max SLR range, with prices starting from €6,200 and rising to €11,200.

The bikes come with either the new Urta handlebar or a two-piece cockpit with a Wilier Stemma SL aluminium stem.

There’s a choice of SRAM or Shimano 1×12 drivetrains. Options include SRAM XX SL, Shimano XTR or Shimano XT.

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All bikes have Miche mountain bike wheels and Fox or RockShox suspension.