BikeRadar Meets podcast | Steve Behr, legendary mountain bike photographer

Rob Weaver chats to Steve Behr about snapping the world's best riders for decades

Steve Behr photographer

Steve Behr is a legend of mountain bike photography, having snapped the world’s best riders regularly over the past few decades. He’s also an inductee in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.


From downhill racing to mad-cap capers with some of the biggest personalities in the sport, Steve has snapped them all.

What’s more, he’s been a stalwart of BikeRadar’s sister magazine, MBUK, with his photos appearing nearly every month since the very start – and we’re on issue 396 now!

In this episode of the BikeRadar Meets podcast, our technical editor-in-chief Rob Weaver talks to Steve about his work with the world’s best riders.

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