Cane Creek launches £1,450 3D-printed titanium ebike cranks

New Electric Wings cranks claimed to weigh 383g

Cane Creek Electric Wings cranks

If you’re after the ultimate upgrade for your electric mountain bike, Cane Creek’s Electric Wings cranks may be just what you’ve been waiting for – assuming you’ve got a spare $1,300, or £1,450, down the back of your sofa.

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The Cane Creek Electric Wings cranks are 3D-printed from 6/4 titanium alloy and extend the (already pricey) titanium eeWings crankset we reviewed a couple of years ago to electric bike use.

So, what do you get for your $1,300/£1,450? 

Stronger than carbon, but just as light

The Electric Wings cranks weigh only 383g, making them as light as carbon cranks but with greater durability, claims Cane Creek.
Cane Creek

Cane Creek says the new Electric Wings cranks are as lightweight as a carbon crankset, but as durable as an aluminium one.

It quotes a weight of 383g for the complete crankset with all hardware in the available 165mm length.

By way of comparison, an equivalent pair of alloy Race Face Aeffect cranks are claimed to weigh 499g.

You can mount Cane Creek’s new cranks to any electric bike motor with an ISIS spindle.

The cranks can be mounted on any mid-mount electric bike motor that has an ISIS motor spindle. That includes Bosch, Yamaha, Specialized, Brose, Fazua, TQ and Bafang.

Cane Creek claims the new cranks should up your confidence when riding, enabling you to tackle rock gardens and gnarly terrain without having to worry about wrecking your crank arms.

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The 165mm cranks are available now and come with a five-year warranty for your spendy purchase.