Canyon’s new app can locate your stolen bike with GPS tracking

Canyon owners will need one fewer AirTag, with the new app featuring GPS tracking for the Spectral:ON

Canyon App with GPS tracking

Canyon has released a new app with worldwide GPS tracking, guided assembly instructions and a digital log of your bike’s components and measurements.

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Canyon says its new app is compatible with all bikes released from 2020, with some models having reduced features.

The GPS tracking function is currently available on the new Spectral:ON electric mountain bike, with more models being added in the future.

Canyon plans to add more integrations as the app evolves, with ride tracking expected in coming updates.

To access the Canyon App, owners will need to log in with the account details they used to purchase their bike, which will then be displayed in a ‘digital garage’.

The app requires iOS 15 or Android 7.1 or newer, and is available on the App Store and Google Play.

GPS bike tracking

Canyon App with GPS tracking
The app uses mapping software to pinpoint your bike’s location.

Canyon says the app will enable users to track their bike via GPS.

Currently, this feature is only available with the new Spectral:ON. This is Canyon’s first bike to feature the GPS module required for tracking.

The 173.8g tracking module works on a 4G LTE connection similar to a smartphone and sends the bike’s GPS data to Canyon’s servers, which then display the bike’s location on the app.

Canyon App with GPS tracking
Canyon says notifications are sent when a bike leaves a geofence, so your phone won’t be pinging if you’re moving the bike around your home.

The app will send a notification to your phone if the bike has been moved and will give guidance on what steps are required should it be stolen.

Canyon says it will offer all GPS-fitted bikes with 12 months of free tracking, but after this customers will need to pay an undisclosed subscription fee to continue accessing the feature.

Customers can decide to turn the tracking feature off or have the module removed from the bike altogether.

The module takes power from the bike’s drive unit battery and features a ‘buffer’ battery, which enables you to keep tracking the bike’s location even when the main battery has been removed.

It’s not clear whether the GPS module will be fitted to non-assisted bikes in the future, but it’s likely we’ll see GPS tracking throughout Canyon’s electric bikes range.

While Canyon claims worldwide tracking, a bike can only send its location if it has a 4G LTE connection.

Canyon says GPS-equipped bikes will receive discounted bicycle insurance quotes, which will be available for purchase through the new app at the end of the month.

From box to built

Canyon App with GPS tracking
Step-by-step illustrations and video guides should help customers get rolling in no time.

Being a direct-to-customer brand, Canyon sends its bikes out to customers partially built and in a box.

To help you assemble your bike, the new app features guided videos and step-by-step instructions for taking it out of the box and setting it up for riding.

The app also provides users with maintenance guides on how to look after their bikes and enables users to log saddle height and other measurements that may be useful when dismantling a bike for travel.

Components catalogue

Canyon App with GPS tracking
The app can keep track of multiple Canyon bikes.

Within the ‘digital garage’ function of the app, users will be able to search for their bike’s original spec list.

Canyon has said an option of purchasing replacements through its store will be added to the app’s functionality in the future, giving users easy access to a compatible parts list.

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Relevant content, such as user manuals and maintenance guides, will also be available through this section of the app, enabling customers to access them when they’re away from home.