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Fair Bicycle Daily Hook cargo strap is made from an old inner tube and won’t snap back into you

The Daily Hook is more secure, sustainable and stylish than a traditional cargo strap

Fair Bicycle Daily Hook

Fair Bicycle has released the Daily Hook, a cargo strap that has an aluminium hook and uses a repurposed inner tube for elasticity.

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The Swiss-made Daily Hook is said to be better than a typical bungee cord for securing items on your commuter bike or while bikepacking.

The Daily Hook features a CNC-machined aluminium hook at each end. These are coated in grippy rubber and close with a stainless steel spring.

The hooks attach to stainless steel backplates, through which passes the butyl inner tube.

Fair Bicycle says the hook can fit around the widest of racks.
Fair Bicycle

The tube is mechanically clamped to the hook, so it shouldn’t get lost if the tube breaks elsewhere, according to Fair Bicycle.

The brand says its Daily Hook won’t tangle into parts of your bike, such as the spokes, fall off or spring back and injure you.

Moreover, Fair Bicycle claims the Daily Hook’s looks complement rather than compromise your commuting or gravel bike setup.

A butyl inner tube is also more durable than a textile cord, the company claims, and all parts of the Daily Hook are repairable or replaceable individually.

Loose items can be strapped down to a rear rack.
Fair Bicycle

Except for the rubber coating of the hook, Fair Bicycle adds that all the components are circular, meaning they are recyclable at their end of life.

The Daily Hook weighs the same (80g) as a typical elastic strap, according to Fair Bicycle.

The strap is said to be light but strong.
Fair Bicycle

The hook is said to measure 4x34x74mm, and the tube is claimed to be 106cm long unstretched and 242cm stretched.

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The Daily Hook is available to buy now from Fair Bicycle for £58 / €66 / $66.