Galibier: An act of adoration – video

Final part of our film series on the most iconic climbs of the Tour de France

The dark, brooding, snow-covered slopes of Galibier might be steeped in beauty, but they also pose a huge challenge to the riders brave enough to tackle it.


This fine balance of tranquility and tumult is reflected in the final installment of the Most Iconic Climbs of the Tour de France trilogy, which was produced by BikeRadar in association with Oakley.

Unique in its landscape and beauty, Galibier truly earns its place as one of the most iconic Tour de France climbs ever.

Galibier: an act of adoration

Video: Galibier – An act of adoration

The series has been scripted by respected cycling journalist Daniel Friebe, with voiceover by Olivier-nominated actor Tony Haygarth and an original music score written by musician and music producer Thom Thomas-Watkins.

Previously, the series has showcased Alpe d’Huez: The Hollywood climb and Ventoux: The Witches’ Cauldron. To see all three films and many more subscribe to the BikeRadar You Tube channel.


BikeRadar would like to thank all of the above as well as voiceover sound engineer Rob Wills for their invaluable contributions.