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Koo releases Spectro and Demos sunglasses – and they’re big

Look out for these at the Tour de France

Koo Demos sunglasses

If you’ve noticed some new, extra-large sunnies on the faces of riders in the Trek-Segafredo men’s and women’s teams at the Tour de France and La Course, eyewear supplier Koo has announced details of the new models.


There are two new models from the sister brand to Kask: the Spectro sports the kind of oversized design we’ve come to expect from today’s sunglasses, while the Demos has a slightly more subtle, rounder design.

Koo Spectro sunglasses

Koo Spectro sunglasses
The Koo Spectro sunglasses have a bold, angular design.

First up, the Spectro. Koo says it’s a favourite of 2014 Tour champion Vincenzo Nibali and speaks of his aggressive attacking style.

Former pros Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso have been out riding in the new shades too. The large frame is designed to provide maximum eye protection and peripheral vision for road and triathlon use, says Koo.

There’s a one-piece lens made by Zeiss, with four large vents to avoid fogging.

The Spectro is available in five different interchangeable lens options, and three different frame colours, with the lenses offering between 11 per cent and 23 per cent light transmission.

You can buy a separate pink lens that ups light transmission to 58 per cent for dull days, priced at £34.99 / €40 / $48.90 / AU$67.50.

It’s a one-size design, with an adjustable nosepiece and grippy arms for a stable hold. You can also purchase an Asian-fit nosepiece separately. Koo quotes a weight of 37g for the Spectro.

Koo Spectro specs

Frame/lens options: 

  • White/Green Mirror (23% light transmission)
  • White/Super Silver (11% light transmission)
  • Black/Super Bronze (12% light transmission)
  • Black/Red Mirror (23% light transmission)
  • Black/Turquoise (11% light transmission)
  • Optional lens: Pink (58% light transmission)
  • Weight: 37g
  • Width: 144mm
  • Price: £169 / €179 / $179 / AU$280

Koo Demos sunglasses

Koo Demos sunglasses
The Koo Demos still sport an oversized design but are rounder than the Spectro.

Not quite as big and bold as the Spectro design, the Koo Demos has a more rounded, less angular frame. Like the Spectro it has a one-piece lens, four venting slots and an adjustable nosepiece.

There are even more frame/lens options here, with four frame colours and six lenses, including a low-light rose lens.

Again, it’s a one-size design and there’s an Asian-fit nosepiece available as an optional extra, along with a separate pink low light lens with 58 per cent light transmission, pricing is the same as the Spectro.

Koo says the Demos design is a popular option with the Trek-Segafredo riders and it’s good for gravel and off-road rides as well as road and triathlon.

Koo Demos specs

Frame/lens options: 

  • White/Brown (23% light transmission)
  • White/Turquoise (11% light transmission)
  • Black/Green (23% light transmission)
  • Black/Rose (58% light transmission)
  • Black/Blue (11% light transmission)
  • Blue/Blue (11% light transmission)
  • Glass/Red (23% light transmission)
  • Weight: 36g
  • Width: 145mm
  • Price: From £129 / €149 / $159 / AU$225