Mondraker launches e-balance bike for three-year-olds with a 250-watt motor

Mondraker Grommy e-balance bike to retail at €749

Mondraker Grommy e-balance bike

Ebikes are taking over the two-wheeled world and are cropping up in every bike category from city folders to downhill mountain bikes.


However, there was one niche that was yet to be filled – the e-balance bike. That was until today and the launch of the Mondraker Grommy, an e-balance bike for kids from three years old up.

Yep, that’s right, your three-year-old can now zip around on a 7.5kg electric balance bike to save them the trouble of having to put their feet on the ground to keep it moving.

Mondraker reckons that the Grommy will help kids “develop their essential riding skills and confidence from an early age, mastering the basics of handling and getting involved in the fun without the complicated distraction of pedalling”.

Mondraker Grommy ebike
The bike is available with two different wheel sizes.

There are two sizes available: the 12-inch wheel version for kids from three to five years old and the 16-inch wheeler for those aged from five to eight, with prices starting from €749.

Sensibly, Mondraker has speed limited the Grommy to 17.7kph (11mph), although there’s also a Balance mode that cuts that down to 8.1kph (5.03mph).

Truth be told, the prospect of a three-year-old zipping around at over 10 miles per hour on a piece of self-powered hardware fills us with dread, not just for the youngsters themselves but for anyone else sharing the same space.

Mondraker’s media pack shows kids riding the Grommy in full-face helmets, which seems like a sensible minimum level of protection.

Mondraker Grommy e-balance bike motor
The Grommy is built around a 250-watt mid-drive motor.

Power from the 250-watt motor is meted out via a twistgrip throttle and Mondraker says that the battery will push your offspring around for up to 60 minutes on a charge.

They’ll have to wait 60 minutes for the battery to recharge, although there’s the option to do a hot-swap to a second battery to keep them moving.

Stopping power is courtesy of a mechanical disc brake – rear wheel only.

Mondraker Grommy e-balance bike
Could the Grommy be the perfect training tool for the next generation of shredders?

Without pedals and with power delivery controlled by a throttle, legally, the Grommy is likely to be classified as a motorbike rather than an ebike.

That means it can’t be ridden on pavements or in public spaces in the UK. It also needs to be taxed and insured to be used on public roads – and the rider needs to be over 16.

So, unless you have a very large garden, your kids may soon tire of whizzing around on their Grommys, and we somehow don’t think that an e-balance bike will cut it with a stroppy 16-year-old.


Mondraker Grommy full spec

  • Frame: Alloy, internal cable routing, resin footrest, motor cover and chain protector
  • Fork: Rigid alloy
  • Motor: Brushless 260-watt
  • Battery: 80Wh lithium ion
  • Wheels: 16-inch or 12-inch
  • Tyres: Vee Tire Crown Gem 16 x 2.25in/12 x 2.25in
  • Brakes: Tektro MD-510 mechanical disc (rear only)
  • Weight: 8.5kg (16in), 7.5kg (12in)
  • Price: From €749