Second Stranger Things BMX replica released ahead of 2019 season premiere

Celebrate Fourth of July and head for the Upside Down with Maxine 'Mad Max' Mayfield's eighties-inspired special edition Mongoose BMX


With the success of Lucas Sinclair’s green Schwinn from the Nextflix series Stranger Things, now Mongoose (owned by the same company) is releasing a special edition replica of Maxine ‘MadMax’ Mayfield’s bike, ahead of the premier of season three on 4 July.

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Initially, Netflix approached Mongoose to build a bike for the kids to ride on the show and the team in Madison, Wisconsin had to comb thrift shops and garage sales in order to cobble together the period-specific parts needed to complete the project.

Once they’d successfully boxed and shipped the bikes to Netflix for the show, the team shifted their focus to creating a replica model of Max’s BMX.

Maxine “MadMax” Mayfield’s ’80s inspired BMX

What they came up with is straight out of the 1980s with a chrome frame, a bright yellow pad set and saddle, a front light for spotting Demogorgons, and rear pegs to help Max and Eleven escape the Upside Down’s infected tunnels.

The BMX is singlespeed with front and rear brakes, a ‘MadMax’ sticker on the fork legs, and yellow mag-style wheels.

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Unlike the previous Stranger Things replica bikes, which have sold out in roughly 24-hours, Max’s Mongoose doesn’t appear to be limited edition and will be available through for $219 from 30 June.