Ride towards the Upside Down with Lucas’s bike from Stranger Things

Schwinn makes limited-edition replica bike from Seasons 1 and 2 of hit Netflix show

Stranger Things

Following the success of the limited-edition replica of Stranger Things character Mike Wheeler’s cruiser bike last year, Schwinn has just announced its second bike inspired by the hit Netflix show with a limited run of character Lucas Sinclair’s green BMX.


Loaded with eighties nostalgia, the bike features details inspired by the sci-fi series including the camo bandana Lucas wears, vintage grips, rear pegs and a working retro headlight for spotting Demogorgons in the dark.

Schwinn even says there’s an easter egg hidden under the seat for fans of the show — possibly the Hawkins bicycle license on the seat tube?

The bike itself is singlespeed and has a U-Brake on the rear wheel for fully sick skids.

Stranger Things-inspired BMX, details of Lucas's replica bike
Schwinn has let no detail pass them by

Unlike Mike’s bike, which in true retro style had to be ordered by picking up the telephone and calling 1-800-Schwinn, this Stranger Things inspired bike will be sold through Amazon for $350.


However, according to Schwinn’s website, there are only 250 available, so these are likely to go quick. The brand has also teased the possibility of releasing a third character’s bike, but we can’t confirm who — maybe they will find Barb’s bike in the Upside Down.