Prologo’s new limited-edition saddles are inspired by the interiors of luxury cars

Italian saddle brand releases earthy range of colours for summer

Prologo natural limited edition saddle

Prologo’s saddles have always looked somewhat tech, with innovations such as volcano-shaped CPC grippers or the multi-zone flexing of the ebike-specific Proxim range.


However, for this summer, Prologo has looked to combine its designs with a more understated look in a series of limited-edition saddles inspired by the interiors of luxury cars.

“We wanted to bring a more natural look to these limited edition saddles,” says Prologo’s general manager Salvatore Truglio, “so we’ve looked at neutral earth colours with a brick red, leaf green and deep, dark brown.

“For the material we’ve looked at famous luxury cars and given the same treatment to our saddles, along with tapes too to give your bike an exclusive look.”

These limited-edition finishes will be available on the following models:

  • Scratch M5
  • Scratch M5 PAS
  • Dimension
  • Dimension NDR

The Scratch M5 is the latest incarnation of Prologo’s long-standing Scratch model. Compared to the Scratch 2 model, which is still available, it’s shorter at 250mm (down from 280mm).

It’s a versatile shape, with a rounded profile that Prologo tells us is suitable for on- and off-road use, and it’s unisex.

The 140mm-wide saddle is light too, with the carbon-railed Nack (€219) version tipping the scales at a claimed 129g, and the less expensive, ti-railed Tirox (€148.50) coming in at a claimed 185g.

The Dimension and Dimension NDR are Prologo’s take on the short saddle design at 235mm long, with a 143mm width. Both feature pressure relief channels with the NDR model’s channel broader than the standard Dimension design.


Like the Scratch M5 these are light saddles too, with the €214.50 Nack version claimed to weigh just 150g and the €142 Tirox coming in at 180g.

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