Ride in BikeRadar kit on Zwift

Just enter the code "BIKERADAR" to get the gear

Ride in BikeRadar clothing when you're in Zwift

Zwift is a new online training platform, where any rider with a trainer, a computer and an ANT+ connection between the two can pedal through virtual worlds, riding with others and even doing controlled workouts. Now, you can ride Zwift in a full BikeRadar kit.


Once you are signed into Zwift, press “P” to bring up the code prompt, and enter “BIKERADAR” to get the BikeRadar jersey and bib shorts.

The BikeRadar kit is free. Zwift costs $10 / £8 a month. Strava Premium members can get a two-month free trial.

Yes, we’d also rather be riding outside. But when the weather, work or life rule that out, riding on Zwift is a good option. And you might as well look good while doing it in BikeRadar kit!


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BikeRadar on zwift