Shimano launches new and improved budget SPD trail pedal

New PD-ME700 pedal released alongside PD-EF202 and PD-EF205 flat pedals

Shimano PD-ME700 SPD pedal

Shimano has introduced two new budget-oriented non-series flat pedals (PD-EF202 and PD-EF205) alongside a non-series SPD trail pedal (PD-ME700) that is nominally SLX-level and replaces the longstanding PD-M530


Shimano PD-ME700 trail SPD pedal

Shimano PD-ME700 SPD trail pedal
The PD-ME70 replaces the PD-M530.

The PD-ME700 is a new dual-sided SPD trail pedal with an extended platform for additional foot support and to help protect the binding mechanism.

The pedal features a full alloy body with a steel axle that, as always, spins on Shimano’s utterly dependable cup-and-cone bearings. 

The pedal replaces Shimano’s long-standing Deore-level PD-M530, with a 7.7mm wider body than the outgoing model. It also features a raised rear portion, which is said to bring up to 12.2 per cent more of the pedal body in contact with the shoe. 

The pedals weigh a claimed 540g and are due to be in stores towards the end of August. 

  • Shimano PD-ME700: £49.99 / €47.49 / $65.00  

Shimano PD-EF202 and PD-EF205 flat pedals

Shimano PD-EF202 flat pedals
The PD-EF-202 is Shimano’s new general-purpose mountain bike pedal.

The PD-EF202 is an all-new alloy-bodied flat pedal with a claimed weight of 512g. 

The pedal has a gently concave platform and moulded pins to improve grip. 

According to Shimano, the pedals are designed with “e-MTB usage with casual or sport shoes in mind”, rather than aggressive trail riding, hence the lack of aggressive replaceable pins.

Shimano’s other flat pedals, such as the XT-level PD-M8140, which are definitely more trail/enduro-oriented in design, feature replaceable pins. 

  • Shimano PD-EF202: £34.99 / €34.99 / $40.00
Shimano PD-EF205 pedal
The pedals are designed for urban riding and commuting.

On the other end of the riding spectrum, the new PD-EF205 is specifically designed for commuting and urban bikes, with an additional large textured plastic resin plate added to increase traction when riding in regular shoes. 

The pedals are based on an alloy body and, again, spin on a steel axle with the same cup-and-cone bearing system. The claimed weight is 612g a pair. 

  • Shimano PD-EF205: $45.00 / €39.99 / UK pricing N/A