Suffer in the (virtual) company of friends with TrainerRoad group ramp test

How to use TrainerRoad's new group workout functionality

TrainerRoads group workout functionality

TrainerRoad recently launched a new group workout function, which allows riders to share a workout and communicate via video and audio with up to five different friends while turning yourself inside out in your pain cave.

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According to TrainerRoad, the new feature has proven to be very popular, and has now been expanded with a new group ramp test, with further updates planned for down the line. 

How do I use TrainerRoad’s group workout feature?

TrainerRoad’s group workout feature allows riders to share voice and video, as well as performance data. Riders must all be doing the same workout but the specifics of the session will be tailored to each individual’s FTP.

Group workouts are currently only available on the desktop version of the TrainerRoad app and are limited to you and your friends (though the number of riders that can take part is due to be expanded from five to 11 soon).

TrainerRoad group workout codex
A code is generated that can be shared with your friends.

To use the group workouts feature: 

  1. Go to the group workouts tab in the TrainerRoad app
  2. Select ‘browse workouts’
  3. Find the workout you want to do, and select ‘group workout’
  4. A ride code will be generated that you can share with your friends.

Once they have this code, your riding chums can join the ride from the group workouts tab. 

Share the pain with TrainerRoad’s group ramp test

The group workouts feature has been expanded to now include a ramp test. 

A ramp test involves starting at a base power and increasing power at set intervals until failure is reached. The test can be used to, among other things, determine Functional Threshold Power and VO2 max

For those just getting started with indoor training, your FTP can then be used to determine the intensity of future training sessions. 

Speaking from hard-won experience, we can confidently say that sharing the experience or having friends to shout encouragement (abuse) at you as you dig deeper into a hole of blinding lactate pain during a ramp test is invaluable.

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Are you using the group workout features on TrainerRoad or any other virtual riding platforms? Let us know in the comments.