Tips for building the ideal indoor training space

Make your pain cave a place to be proud of

Indoor training is more popular than ever as more and more cyclists duck out of expensive gym memberships and soggy winter rides in favour of training in the comfort of their own homes.


Having the right indoor space to train can be the difference between effective, enjoyable training and just wishing you were out riding your bike, so the importance of a good pain cave should not be underestimated.

We quizzed several of our keenest indoor riders to find out more about what makes their personal pain caves worth revisiting. They came back with the following list.

Inspiration is key

Flags, check. TV, check. Fan, check
Flags, check. TV, check. Fan, check
Simon Lees / Cycling Plus

One thing that made a big difference to nearly all of the riders we spoke with was having a source of inspiration to refer to during their training.

Be it posters of favourite pros, cycling memorabilia or artwork, it’s all good. Plus, it adds character to what can often be a pretty dull looking space.

All within reach

Having shelving or a table close to your bike will ensure you can place everything you need within an arm’s reach, that way you shouldn’t find yourself hopping off and back on the bike unnecessarily.

It’s particularly useful if your phone goes off or if you need to fuel up mid-ride.

A breath of fresh air

This indoor training business can be hot work
This indoor training business can be hot work
Simon Lees / Cycling Plus

Indoor training is hot work that requires suitable ventilation and temperature control. Many riders swear by one or multiple fans to keep body and room temperatures at a comfortable level, with the welcome side effect of making the whole experience feel a lot more like regular bike riding.

If you’ve got a window nearby then open it, and remember, you won’t require anywhere near as many layers as you normally would on your bike.

Stay entertained

Even those who just plain love being on their bike can end up pretty damn bored when it comes to riding indoors.

Music apps such as Spotify and Apple Music have playlists dedicated specifically to training, while those with a decent internet connection might decide to get buried in a television series or film.

Another option for those with power, internet and the necessary hardware is to gamify the whole experience with Zwift.

Zwift’s virtual training experience pitches you against other riders in an environment that’s both rewarding and addictive. It also allows you to join in with group rides and challenge friends, making your training time a whole let loss solitary.

Got a training space you’re particularly proud of? Think you’ve got something to add to this list? Be sure to add it into the comment box below.


Article updated 7 February 2018