Video: Motorised bike box at Cycle Show 2011

Bike Box Alan's prototype responds to basic voice commands

Note the prototype's return instructions in the left-hand corner - there in case it goes walkabout?

It’s not every day you cross paths with a motorised, voice activated bike box, but that’s precisely what happened to us at Cycle Show 2011 yesterday.


Held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England for the first time this year, we were minding our own business at the show when Bike Box Alan’s prototype hovered into view, beeping and twitching like R2-D2. 

Owner Alan Hamshaw reckons it solves the problem of having to lug heavy, bulky cases through airports and train stations. Using similar technology to the motorised golf trolleys, the box will not only faithfully follow its owner (through the use of a key fob transponder) but will also respond to simple commands such as “left”, “right”, “stop” and “180-degree turn”.

It uses a standard bike box, with added carbon composite quick-release wheels (which can be stowed in the box when not required) and lightweight battery. Hamshaw reckons that with a carbon road bike inside, it tips the scales at less than 20kg. One battery charge will last for around four hours, providing you don’t ask too much of your new subservient case.

Production cases are due by May next year and are expected to sell for around £550. At this stage, Bike Box Alan are confident that the 10-year guarantee offered with their standard boxes will be extended to the motorised version.


Check out the cameraphone video below and tell us what you think – useful innovation or just a gimmick? Stay tuned to BikeRadar for much more from Cycle Show 2011.

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