Video: Pivot Mach 5.7 long-term test

MBUK's Ric looks back on a year aboard the 5.7

Ric bids a fond farewell to the Pivot Cycles Mach 5.7

Here at BikeRadar we’re privileged to be able to test out bikes on a long-term basis. It allows us to get a true measure of its performance, week after week, event after event, as well the opportunity to speculate with new components in the pursuit of getting the best ride possible. In his own words, MBUK’s Ric McLaughlin offers his findings on the Pivot Cycles Mach 5.7.


“Today is my very, very final day with the Pivot Cycles Mach 5.7. She’s about to be on the receiving end of some serious spanner spinning before being packed into a box and sent back to the generous guys at Upgrade Bikes who’ve let me hold on to her for so long.

“The first time I through a leg over the Pivot was a bit like the first time you try on your next pair of trainers. They look right, feel right and low and behold, fit right. Minor changes were made – short stem, wide bars – but that was all. Every ride felt like the volume had been turned up that little bit – for that pure elbows out, heals dipped, cranks level blasting down flowy singletrack the Pivot felt outstanding.


“Big forks and hard-hitting wheels bolted on and we conquered (well, took part in) the Megavalanche together, then 48 hours later we were back rolling through tranquil Bath singletrack again. No fuss – just fast. Anyway, have a watch of the video below to get a better insight into some of the other kit I swapped on along the way”.

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