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11 Cyber Monday deals on Wahoo Fitness smart trainers and more

Save money ahead of the winter training season

Wahoo Kickr Core smart trainer with

As the days shorten and the weather worsens, riding indoors can be much more appealing than braving the winter roads.

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If the change of seasons is tempting you to upgrade your indoor training set-up, you’re in luck. Black Friday has been and gone but Cyber Monday is here – the last chance to grab lots of indoor cycling deals.

Deals on Wahoo smart trainers, turbo trainer accessories, bike computers and pedals are now available directly from Wahoo Fitness and other online retailers.

Here are the best deals we’ve found for you on Cyber Monday.

Wahoo Fitness Black Friday deals

Wahoo KICKR CORE and Zwift one-year membership bundle – £549.99 / $599.99

Giant TCR setup on a Wahoo Kickr Core smart trainer
The deal throws in a Zwift membership with the Wahoo KICKR CORE.
Our Media

Wahoo has teamed up with Zwift to offer a 12-month membership when you buy selected smart trainers from

The bundles include a wide range of price points to suit your budget – from the entry-level Wahoo KICKR CORE to the top-of-the-range KICKR MOVE and KICKR BIKE.

The bundle we’ve featured here, featuring the KICKR CORE, combines Wahoo’s most affordable direct-drive smart trainer with a year’s subscription to the popular indoor cycling app.

With the highly rated Wahoo KICKR CORE currently retailing for about £449 / $499 and a 12-month Zwift membership worth £129.99 / $149.99, this deal is a bargain.

Wahoo KICKR MOVE and Zwift one-year membership bundle – £1,499.99 / $1,699.99

Giant TCR on a Wahoo Kickr Move smart trainer
Wahoo aims to make indoor training more lifelike with the KICKR MOVE.
Our Media

This bundle pairs the Wahoo KICKR MOVE, a smart trainer that rocks back and forth as you pedal, with a 12-month Zwift membership.

The KICKR MOVE costs £1,399.99 / $1,599.99 / €1,599.99 and 12 months’ Zwift riding usually sets you back £129.99 / $149.99.

You’ll save £29.99/ $49.99 by buying them together, and give yourself an interactive indoor riding experience.

Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO dual-sided power meter pedals – £849.99 / $999.99 £679.99 / $799.99 (save 20%)

Wahoo Speedplay Powrlink Zero power meter pedals
Wahoo’s POWRLINK ZERO power meter pedals are reduced by 20 per cent.
Simon von Bromley / Our Media

The Wahoo POWRLINK ZEROs are the power meter version of the SPEEDPLAY road bike pedals.

Our testing found their power measurement was accurate and their battery life was long.

The POWRLINK ZERO pedals offer the same wide range of highly adjustable float, which can help you dial in your cleat position, as the non-power meter pedals.

Wahoo KICKR AXIS Feet – £64.99  £30 (save 54%)

Wahoo Kickr V6 axis feet
The KICKR AXIS Feet provide up to five degrees of movement.
Simon von Bromley / Our Media

The Wahoo KICKR AXIS Feet enable the KICKR smart trainer to move from side to side as you pedal.

With three different stiffness options – easy, medium and hard – the KICKR AXIS Feet enable cyclists to customise the ride feel by providing up to five degrees of movement.

The aim here is to improve realism, whether spinning or sprinting, and improve comfort by minimising the pressure on touchpoints.

Sigma Sports has discounted the AXIS Feet by more than 50 per cent.

Wahoo KICKR CORE – £699.99 / $599.99  £449 / $499 (save up to 36%)

Wahoo Kickr Core smart trainer
The Wahoo KICKR CORE has more than a third off at Sigma Sports.
Our Media

While we’ve already highlighted Wahoo’s smart trainer bundles with Zwift, not everyone wants a membership to the indoor training app.

After all, other indoor cycling apps are available, including Wahoo SYSTM, TrainerRoad and Rouvy.

You can pick up a cut-price Wahoo KICKR CORE on its own with more than a third off from Sigma Sports.

Wahoo KICKR SNAP – £429.99 £249.99 (save 42%)

The Wahoo KICKR SNAP now costs less than £250 from Tredz.
Wahoo Fitness

The Wahoo KICKR SNAP is a wheel-on smart trainer, meaning it connects to sensors and devices, enabling you to use Zwift, but you ride with your bike’s regular wheel attached.

Wahoo’s entry-level smart trainer is now even more affordable thanks to a 42 per cent reduction from Tredz.

Wahoo KICKR V6 – £1,099 / $1,299.99 £974 / $999.99 (save up to 23%)

Wahoo Kickr V6
Save on the Wahoo KICKR V6 at Tredz.
Simon von Bromley / Our Media

Wahoo’s long-standing, high-end smart trainer, the Wahoo KICKR V6, is now available with £145.99 off at Tredz. In the US, the KICKR V6 now costs less than $1,000 at Backcountry.

We were extremely impressed by the sixth iteration of the KICKR V6 in our review, describing it as one of the best smart trainers available, thanks to its easy setup, fantastic ride feel, low noise levels and excellent power accuracy.

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM bundle – £419.99 / $499.99 £349.99 / $399.99 (save up to 20%)

Wahoo Elemnt Roam V2 navigation screen
This bundle combines the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM with a Wahoo TICKR heart-rate monitor.
Felix Smith / Our Media

We’ve focused on Wahoo’s indoor training hardware so far, but you can also buy the ELEMNT ROAM bike computer with a Wahoo TICKR heart-rate monitor, and speed and cadence sensors.

It looks to be impressive value, either from Wahoo’s UK or US site, with a £70 / $100 saving direct from Wahoo Fitness.

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM – £349.99 / $399.99  £299.99 / $319.99 (save up to 20%)

Wahoo Elemnt Roam V2 mapping screen
The ELEMNT ROAM is available with a fifth off direct from Wahoo Fitness.
Felix Smith / Our Media

If you’re just shopping for the ELEMNT ROAM, you can save as much as 20 per cent on the bike computer direct from Wahoo Fitness in the UK and US.

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT – £249.99/ $279.99  £199.99 / $229.99 (save 20%)

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2
The Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT is reduced by a fifth.
Steve Sayers / Our Media

The Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT is the smaller, cheaper version of the ELEMNT ROAM and has also been significantly discounted.

We really like its colour screen, compact size, ease of use and plethora of data it records and displays.

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT bundle – £263.99 / $299.99

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2
Pick up a heart-rate monitor and speed and cadence sensors with the ELEMNT BOLT.
Steve Sayers / Our Media

A bundle deal is also available on the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT, with a TICKR heart-rate monitor plus speed and cadence sensors thrown in for an additional £63 / $70.

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