Rouvy cycling app now available on Wattbike smart bikes

Wattbike links up to the Rouvy training app for a more immersive experience

Rouvy cycling app with a Wattbike

Wattbike has announced that its smart bikes will now work with the Rouvy indoor cycling app.


The app’s integration into Wattbike’s Atom, AtomX, Nucleus, Pro and Trainer models means they can now change their resistance to match the gradient profiles on Rouvy’s real-world roads.

Rouvy, which hosted the Digital Swiss Five professional race series last year when the Tour de Suisse was cancelled and organised events including a La Vuelta virtual fans’ ride, claims to have over 3,000,000km of virtual routes, thanks to allowing users to upload their own clips to the site.

There are also 3D augmented reality rides, structured training routines, challenges and virtual races available on the platform. 

Rouvy Vuelta
Rouvy’s videos include routes of big races like La Vuelta.

Rouvy’s Oldrich Januska says: “It’s been Rouvy strategy for several years to support the integration with all major trainers and smart bikes. Wattbike was recently the most requested hardware integration by our community and we’re very happy to announce integration across the Wattbike product portfolio.”

A subscription to Rouvy costs from £12 a month and, like RGT Cycling, provides an alternative to Zwift, which currently dominates the market of indoor cycling apps.

Whereas Zwift runs in the virtual world of Watopia as well as simulations of real places, Rouvy’s video offers real images of real places to ride, with your avatar placed into the video and powered by your wattage on a smart trainer.

Rouvy hitlist
Rouvy lets you choose video of famous routes and races to ride.

Wattbike’s popular Atom smart bike has itself received a revamp recently to offer resistance of up to 2,500 watts, gradient simulation of up to 25 per cent and a claimed reduction in lag when used with training apps.

Claimed power accuracy is +/1 one per cent and the Atom’s gear changes are now also said to be sharper.


Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity let you hook the Atom up to other devices.