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100% Glendale Sunglasses review

Big protection for a smaller outlay

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £150.00 RRP | USD $155.00 | EUR €179.00 | AUD $229.00
100% Glendale Sunglasses for mountain bikers

Our review

Plenty of eye protection in a massive package
Pros: Provide good eye protection; fingerprint-resistant; good lens
Cons: Visible lower frame; insecure nosepiece; rattly
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With a huge lens, the 100% Glendale sunglasses are designed to offer maximum protection for your eyes, from the wind, rain and trail debris.

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This version is the cheapest in the Glendale range, with multiple frame and lens options adding to the cost.

However, in testing I was impressed with this cheaper lens option.

The glasses are large, so those with smaller features might want to look elsewhere.

100% Glendale features

100% Glendale Sunglasses for mountain bikers
The centralised arms show how high the lens sits.
Andy Lloyd / OurMedia

The Glendale glasses are large, with a deep lens that goes higher up the forehead than many cycling sunglasses.

The lens pops in and out of the semi-enclosed malleable frame easily, meaning it’s not a stressful operation to swap between the included Smoke and Clear lenses.

Small vents are present at the lower edge of the lens, which has a ‘HYDROILO’ coating, said to repel water, dirt and oil from fingerprints.

The arms are located fairly centrally to the lens, and are straight from front to back, though have a gentle inward curve.

They’re covered in a rubberised sleeve, which is dimpled in texture, to aid facial grip.

The glasses come with a spare clear lens, as well as a premium-feeling hard case, a soft bag that doubles as a lens wipe and a spare rubber nosepiece of a different thickness to aid fit.

100% Glendale performance

100% Glendale Sunglasses for mountain bikers
The large lens offers tons of eye protection.
Andy Lloyd / OurMedia

The lenses are great, with perfect optical clarity and plenty of coverage.

With the high stance of the glasses on your face, there’s no visible frame when you’re down on the drops and looking up the road.

However, off-road, there is some visible frame towards the base, if you’re not in a head-down position. This is despite the shape of the frame having a deep dip either side of the nose.

The two nosepieces offer some fit adjustment, though I found the glasses still sat higher than some on my (relatively broad) nose. I’d like a slightly thinner option, or adjustment via bendable wires.

100% Glendale Sunglasses for mountain bikers
The nose rubbers can fall off easily.
Andy Lloyd / OurMedia

I also found the nosepieces were prone to detaching themselves, if I wasn’t careful.

The size of the glasses, and the top rim’s proximity to more protective mountain bike helmets meant some rattle on rough trails, though they remained silent on the road.

The arms are relatively broad, standing away from your face. However, unlike with some glasses, this didn’t make them sit awkwardly for me, when wearing a more protective open-face helmet, and there was no discomfort.

The standard Smoke lens works well in a range of light conditions and ventilation is good.

The coating that protects the glasses from fingerprints and water was effective during my testing.

100% Glendale bottom line

100% Glendale Sunglasses for mountain bikers
A clear lens is included, along with a hard case.
Andy Lloyd / OurMedia

Though not without fault, I like the Glendale glasses.

I will probably wear them more often on the road and for gravel riding than enduro rides, because the helmet rattle is a bit annoying, and they work well with a more aggressive position on the bike.

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The lenses are good, as is the coverage, but the price is high.

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Product Specifications


Price AUD $229.00EUR €179.00GBP £150.00USD $155.00
Weight 43g
Brand 100 percent


Features Lens: Smoke lens plus clear lens
Included: Hard case and soft bag