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Madison Crypto Sunglasses 3-lens pack review

Top-performing riding glasses, without the top-tier price tag

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5.0 out of 5 star rating 5.0
GBP £60.00 RRP
Madison Crypto Sunglasses - 3 pack for mountain bikers

Our review

Near-flawless cycling sunglasses that strike a perfect balance of performance and pricing
Pros: Excellent optical clarity; easy lens swap; versatile lenses; secure fit
Cons: Fingerprints easily visible; can be tricky to get on and off when wearing a helmet
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UK brand Madison’s large-lens, full-frame Crypto sunglasses have proved excellent in testing, with great optical clarity, coverage, security and comfort.

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I tested the set that comes with a bronze Mirror lens, along with amber and clear varieties.

Although the brand’s marketing materials signal that these are road-focused cycling sunglasses, I’ve tested them extensively on my enduro bike and gravel bike.

The bronze/amber/clear combo is one of three on offer, with a Smoke Mirror (grey) and a Fire Mirror (red) tint also available as the primary lens, along with the amber and clear lenses.

Madison Crypto features

Madison Crypto Sunglasses - 3 pack for mountain bikers
The heavily curved arms give excellent security.
Andy Lloyd / OurMedia

The large lenses can be swapped in and out of the full-wrap frame. The frame is built from a pliable plastic that bends easily in the hand.

The arms are moderately long, and have a pronounced bend towards the end, to hook around the ears.

The second half of the arms are constructed from an even more pliable plastic. They don’t have a rubberised finish, but are textured to add grip.

The rubber sections of the nose piece are moulded around a wire inner, offering ample adjustability.

The polycarbonate lenses incorporate UV-A and UV-B protection

The package includes three lenses, a soft case, which doubles as a cleaning cloth, and a hard case.

Madison Crypto performance

Madison Crypto Sunglasses - 3 pack for mountain bikers
The mirrored lens cuts out plenty of light, while the amber lens is a great all-rounder.
Andy Lloyd / OurMedia

I’ve been incredibly impressed by the Crypto glasses during testing. Despite having a number of premium glasses from the likes of Oakley and Smith, I decided to take these on a week-long riding holiday to the Alps.

The lenses offered impressive optical clarity, with no noticeable distortion, and they didn’t lead to tired eyes on long rides.

Coverage is excellent, and thanks to the highly adjustable nose piece I was able to get the frame to sit close to my cheeks for a close fit, or further away on days when fogging may have been an issue, for improved ventilation.

Set close to the face, there’s little intrusion of the frame into your eyesight.

The three lenses cover a wide range of light conditions. I’ve mostly used the amber lens here in the UK.

It prevents enough light getting through that I was able to use it on brighter days without needing to strain my eyes. When I dropped into the woods, there waas still enough enhancement of the trail to help see where I wanted to go.

The bronze lens is fairly dark, and best suited to bright days with minimal tree cover. I found the bronze lens marked up with fingerprints pretty easily.

Swapping the lenses is relatively easy, thanks to the flexible frame.

Madison Crypto Sunglasses - 3 pack for mountain bikers
A highly adjustable nose piece ensures a decent fit.
Andy Lloyd / OurMedia

Over rough ground, the glasses stay on your face securely. The nose piece helps here, as do the curved arms, which hook around the ears and prevent the glasses moving down your nose.

The arms don’t bow out away from the side of your head, which means they don’t interfere with the inside edge of your helmet. This can result in some glasses not sitting straight or comfortably.

They also don’t rattle on the brow of your helmet, in my experience.

My only complaint about the Crypto glasses is the curved arms make fitting and removing them a touch trickier when you have a helmet on, because you need to push the end of the arms up and over the top of your ears.

Madison Crypto bottom line

Madison Crypto Sunglasses - 3 pack for mountain bikers
The case has space for the glasses and the two included spare lenses.
Andy Lloyd / OurMedia

These are some of the best cycling sunglasses I’ve ridden in, with a price tag that’s only a third or a quarter that of the most premium glasses.

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Such is the balance of performance and cost, that these are the go-to glasses of a number of my colleagues and bike industry friends. They’re highly recommended.

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These sunglasses were tested as part of a group test of long-standing and new models from established and lesser-known brands.

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Product Specifications


Price GBP £60.00
Weight 35g
Brand Madison


Features Lens: Bronze Mirror, Amber, Clear
Included: Hard case, soft bag