OneUp Components grips review

Ridged grips for plenty of hand traction

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0
GBP £22.00 RRP | USD $25.00
OneUp Components grips

Our review

Excellent comfort and wet weather traction, let down by some twisting issues
Pros: Good traction and cushioning
Cons: Some torsional movement
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Grips are such a personal thing that any review is going to be subjective, but for me, OneUp has hit the nail on the head with these grips.


With their knurled pattern and 30mm diameter they feel neither too fat nor too thin. But what really makes them stand above others in terms of traction are the big horizontal ridges on the underside, which really help to stop your hand twisting.

This is particularly useful in the wet, and also means you don’t have to hang on so tight.

The single inboard lockring design has allowed OneUp to add a deep ‘chamber’ of rubber on the outboard tip. This won’t suit those who like to hang their hands off the ends, but does provide excellent cushioning, as do the cut-outs in the plastic core, which allow more depth of rubber.

Unfortunately the thin plastic core and the cut outs mean there’s quite a bit of torsional movement at the ends. On the first ride I didn’t notice this much but, after washing the bike, the small amount of water that seeped under the grips made the twisting a lot more noticeable.

OneUp admits that it’s aware of the issue, but that its second-generation grips will resolve this, and will be made from even tackier rubber (15a rather than 20a), not that I have any complaints about the current compound.


These grips were previously reviewed in MBUK and awarded a score of 4.5 stars, however, since then, the bike has been washed and the torsional movement made worse by water getting under the grips. The review has been updated online to reflect this.

Product Specifications


Price GBP £22.00USD $25.00
Brand Oneup components