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Teravail Ehline Light and Supple tyre review

Teravail's fast-rolling, lightweight, aggro XC tyre for intermediate conditions

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £65.00 RRP | USD $70.00
Teravail Ehline Light and Supple mountain bike tyre

Our review

Fast-rolling tyre with excellent compliance and sensibly spaced-out shoulders and edge blocks for good cornering hold, but a bit fragile in this lighter casing
Pros: Extremely supple and comfortable; good mechanical grip; low rolling resistance; would be a good aggro gravel bike option
Cons: Casing is easy to damage; expensive; not as effective in slimy or muddy conditions
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Teravail is a premium tyre company that’s built a strong reputation in the gravel bike tyres market.


However, the American brand also offers a wide range of mountain bike treads, including this aggressive XC Ehline tyre.

Pronounced aye-line, the Ehline is available in two totally different casings; the ‘Light and Supple’ and a ‘Durable’ alternative.

Teravail Ehline Light and Supple tyre specifications and details

Both Ehline tyres use the same basic carcass, albeit beefed up by bead-to-bead woven nylon composite reinforcement between the outer rubber and inner casing (to protect against tearing and abrasion), as well as an additional layer of puncture shield under the tread.

This adds thickness and resistance to piercing, but also contributes considerable weight.

The tread patterns of both versions follow the theme of a more cross-country-leaning tyre with tightly packed, almost file-like central treads and subsequently taller shoulder blocks.

There are three (rather than two) distinct tread zones here though, laid around a central strip with an aggressively ramped band of closely spaced small cubes to enhance rolling speed.

Outside these are widely spaced small blocks laid out in pairs and designed to clear mud in the transition zone. Then there are reinforced, angled shoulder blocks with sucker-like slits in each knob and outside edge buttressing to support under heavy cornering loads.

Ehline sidewalls are also available in all black or trendy tanwalls for a more retro look.

Teravail Ehline Light and Supple tyre performance

The almost smooth central tread section contributes to a tyre that rolls swiftly.
Mick Kirkman / Our Media

The Ehline blows up rounded and is very light, which makes it rapid to accelerate along the central strip that’s steeply ramped and rolls fast on smooth surfaces.

It’s also super-quick off-road, thanks not only to the feathery weight, but also how the skinny sidewalls conform easily to absorb small bumps and vibrations that can slow down stiffer tyres.

The flipside of these super-skinny, comfy sidewalls, however, is being very easy to damage in rockier areas.

The tread pattern and single-compound rubber combine really well to deliver good friction when you tilt the bike side-to-side off the smoother central strip.

The more open zone on the shoulders also does a better job of clearing muck when it’s claggy than most equivalent mountain bike tyres.

As a downcountry option then, performance is really sorted with the Ehline. It never feels excessively draggy or tiring on smooth gravel fireroads or tarmac liaison sections, while also offering great leant-over grip for more confidence than pure XC tyres.

The almost smooth central band rolls with no bobble or wobble and helps makes acceleration feel very snappy so you’re rewarded with real zing and surge under power for your efforts. It can occasionally get caught out though.

The Ehline can wheelspin up the steepest pitches, especially on wet grass or dirt.

We’ve also had bigger issues in other Teravail ‘Light and Supple’ XC tyres with the casing getting pierced by rocks way too easily, so this will be a bit fragile if you live and ride somewhere chunkier.

Teravail Ehline Light and Supple tyre bottom line

Our review tyre came with an on-trend tan sidewall.
Mick Kirkman / Our Media

The Ehline is an incredibly fast-rolling tyre with excellent compliance and sensibly spaced-out shoulders and edge blocks for good cornering hold.


It delivers a hugely comfortable ride. However, in this lighter-casing incarnation, it might be a bit too fragile for some.

How we tested

Yes – downcountry bike tyres really are a thing.
Sitting midway between truly lightweight XC tyres and hardier trail tyres, downcountry tyres typically combine the lighter carcass of racing rubber with a slightly more aggressive tread.
This provides a fast-rolling and efficient mountain bike tyre that won’t feel out of its depth when the going gets rowdy.
We tested five downcountry tyres from key brands across everything from loose technical climbs to vertiginous slimy descents, pushing each to the limits of grip and subjecting them to the sort of abuse they’ll endure during long days in the saddle

Product Specifications


Price GBP £65.00USD $70.00
Weight 730g (29in x 2.3in)
Brand Teravail


Features Options: Light and Supple, Durable in Black or Tan walls
TPI 60
Sizes 27.5, 29in x 2.3in, 2.5in