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Van Rysel 2mm RoadR 500 Overshoes review

Budget no-frills overshoes that do the job

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £25.00 RRP | USD $30.00 | EUR €25.00
Van Rysel 2mm RoadR 500 Overshoes for road cyclists

Our review

Simple overshoes, made from thinner neoprene, that nevertheless perform well
Pros: Simple design without zips; budget price
Cons: Best suited to milder winter conditions
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Decathlon’s Van Rysel-branded overshoes don’t come with any fancy features but do the job well for a good price.

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They’re made from a thinner neoprene than most overshoes, being 2mm thick rather than the usual 3mm or more.

That makes them slightly less warm, but also means they’re a bit less prone to scuffing on the cranks as you pedal. They’re also more flexible than some overshoes made of thicker neoprene.

If you’re looking for general-purpose overshoes for temperate winter riding, that won’t break the bank, these are a good bet.

Van Rysel 2mm RoadR 500 Overshoes specifications

The fabric midsole bridge should be more durable than Velcro.
Kaden Gardener / Our Media

Decathlon keeps things simple here and, like several other overshoes we’ve reviewed this winter, there are no zips at the rear.

The sole is made of abrasion-resistant fabric, although it’s limited to the toe and the mid-sole bridge. It’s hemmed with double-stitched tape.

The Van Rysel overshoes also have a narrow reflective strip at the rear. Whereas most overshoes have internally taped seams, those in the Van Rysels aren’t taped.

Instead, the seams in the uppers are welded on the outer face and are tightly flatlock stitched on the inside.

Van Rysel 2mm RoadR 500 Overshoes performance

With no rear zips, the Van Rysel overshoes need a bit of manipulation to pull on.
Kaden Gardener / Our Media

The zipless design means you need to pull the Van Rysel overshoes on first, then fit your cycling shoes and finally pull the overshoes down over them.

There’s enough stretch to the thin neoprene that getting the Van Rysel overshoes on and off isn’t too tricky, although you need to pull a bit to get them over the toes of your shoes, due to the one-piece mid-sole bridge.

Once on, they’re a good fit and the thinner neoprene doesn’t detract from their warmth, at least in the southern UK’s damp and relatively mild winter conditions. It’s quite flexible, so it’s comfortable to pedal and the thinner material is less likely to scuff on your cranks.

They’re fine in mid single-digit temperatures on wet roads and the neoprene construction is waterproof and windproof. Van Rysel also sells a 5mm-thick version if you’re riding somewhere colder and want more insulation.

The high cuff and absence of zips help keep water out well, although the sides of the cleat hole bow out a bit and expose the edges of your shoes’ uppers.

The cleat hole is also quite large and its hemming doesn’t feel as durable as the best overshoes.

Van Rysel 2mm RoadR 500 overshoes bottom line

A high ankle cuff helps keep water out of your socks.
Kaden Gardener / Our Media

The Van Rysel 2mm RoadR 500 overshoes do all the basics well and the absence of zips should help keep your feet drier, while also removing a potential point of failure.

Using 2mm rather than 3mm neoprene adds extra flexibility to the fabric, making them easy to get on and more flexible when pedalling. Van Rysel also offers a thicker option for additional warmth.

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These are a smart option if you don’t want to spend too much on overshoes, with impressive performance for the price.

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