Five of the best cycling overshoes

How to keep your feet warm and dry on the bike

Ride year-round and you’ll soon find out that your our feet can get cold quickly in wintry conditions. They’re also in the line of fire for spray when it starts to bucket down, and it won’t take long for your socks to get soaked through, which isn’t fun when you’re miles from home.


Madefromneoprene, nylon and polyurethane, waterproof overshoes are worn over cycling shoes and keep your feet warm and dry. They’re secured by zips or Velcro and should be tight. Reflective strips can help with visibility at night.

Here, we round up five of the best overshoes we’ve tried out in 2012.

Endura Dexter  –  BEST ON TEST

£23.99 / US$39.99

Endura dexter overshoes:
Paul Smith/Future Publishing

Among the best value wet weather overshoes available, the Dexters have lots of stretch, a full length zip rear covered by a huge Velcro flap, and Scotchlite thread woven throughout the surface. The sole is a hardwearing, heavyweight stretch Kevlar, while a brushed Roubaix-like lining is kind to your shoes and keeps your feet warm.

From: Endura 

Castelli Diluvio

£35 / US$64.99

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Castelli diluvio overshoes: castelli diluvio overshoes
Paul Smith/Future Publishing

A classic overshoe of thick neoprene with all the seams both stitched and welded for maximum water repellency. With no zips they can be a struggle to pull over bulky shoes, but once on they have a super-close fit, helped by the adjustable Velcro strap on the ankle. Although they will eventually get damp, they still keep your feet warm.

From: Castelli / Saddleback (UK)

Prendas Meraklon Oversock

£7.95 / US$N/A

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Prendas oversock overshoes: prendas oversock overshoes
Paul Smith/Future Publishing

Made from a dense, woven, cotton-like fabric, these are great at keeping chills at bay and very quick to dry. Their small size means they stuff easily into a jersey pocket, and though they won’t get you through the worst wet weather days, they will keep your feet warm and comfortable on cold spring rides.

From: Prendas 

Santini Air

£54.99 / US$N/A

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Santini air overshoes: santini air overshoes
Paul Smith/Future Publishing

With a multi-layered, neoprene-like polyester upper, a tough polyester lower and a fairly open underside, the Airs aren’t fully waterproof but water resistance is exceptionally good. They’re easy to get on, with a full zip, and the ankle cuff is adjustable. Pricey, but some of the best around.

From: Santini / Fisher Outdoor Leisure (UK)

PRO New Classic

£26.99 / US$N/A

Pro new classic overshoes:
Paul Smith/Future Publishing

These neoprene overshoes have a water-repellent coating, a full length zip and Velcro closure. The bottom is an open design so they’re compatible with mountain bike shoes, but though the upper keeps rain out, this open bottom does let some water in. 


From: PRO / Madison (UK)