Here’s why the big towel is an essential mountain biking accessory

A neat tip to get your clothing drier after a ride

Been riding hard in wet conditions? Yeah, it’s hard to avoid right now, but Anna Glowinski is here to show us a pro tip for getting your clobber in a better post-ride state.


It turns out that a towel is just about the most useful thing any cyclist can carry in their car. So not just useful for intergalactic hitchhikers, then.

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The technique basically involves rolling your wet riding gear in a flat dry towel, then wringing out the moisture to be absorbed by the towel. It won’t get things bone dry – don’t try putting them back on – but they’ll be much less soggy. And that means they’re much less unpleasant to pack up and travel home with.

Get a headstart on drying your riding kit