Wahoo’s Tickr Fit puts HR monitor on your arm

As accurate as a chest strap, but more comfortable than a wrist strap, claims Wahoo

Wahoo Fitness, the company behind the Elemnt Bolt GPS computer and Kickr smart trainer, has just released a new arm-mounted heart rate monitor, the Wahoo Tickr Fit. This could be a good solution for women who find heart-rate straps uncomfortable with sports bars, or those who train a lot inside.

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The new Tickr Fit monitor claims to combine the accuracy of a chest-mounted monitor with the ease-of-use and comfort of a wrist monitor. Previously, the majority of heart rate monitors have been either chest mounted or wrist mounted, with chest mounted monitors often providing a more accurate reading overall compared to wrist based options.

The strap is adjustable, designed to be comfortable and secure, and comes in three sizes

While this new device will certainly appeal to runners, it may also be a popular choice with cyclists too who, for whatever reason, find chest mounted straps uncomfortable, awkward to put on, or hard to access.

We’ve all been in the position where you get all your riding kit on only to find you’ve forgotten to pop on the monitor and have to strip down and start again.

Wahoo Tickr Fit features and functionality

Would you opt of for an arm-mounted monitor rather than a chest strap?

The monitor mounts on to an elasticated strap that sits around the forearm or upper arm and uses an optical system to measure heart rate.

In initial testing, the Tickr Fit has tracked well alongside a chest strap, with no drop-outs or other obvious anomalies. 

The band has an adjustable fit and is available in two sizing options: small (260mm x 25.4mm) and large (375mm x 25.4mm). It’s also water resistant, and Wahoo claims the Tickr Fit has a run time of up to 30 hours and is rechargeable.

In addition to heart rate, the device also provides calorie burn data (based on heart rate) and has Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, allowing the user to pair it with various devices including smartphones, computers, GPS watches, bike computers and Android and Apple devices such as the Apple Watch.

For those who like their fitness apps, the Tickr Fit works with MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, Strava, TrainerRoad, Wahoo Fitness and Elemnt Companion.

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Wahoo Tickr Fit prices and availability

The Wahoo Tickr Fit is priced at £64.99 / $79 / AU$109.95 and is available directly from Wahoo.