Friday five-a-side: this week’s new bike gear

The best new kit from Giro, Mavic, Shimano and more

It’s Friday, it’s BikeRadar surely by now you must realise what this means. Yes indeed ladies, gents, children and pets, get ready to feast your eyes – it’s Five-a-Side time.


New road cycling gear

GripGrab clothing

GripGrab clothing and accessories:
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media
Danish company GripGrab makes a huge variety of clothing and accessories – and has sent us a great stack to delve through. It looks to be good quality stuff, with lots of strategically placed reflective sections and, as the name would suggest, grippy bits. Highlights include the mid-weight Raptor gloves and a thin but toasty hi-vis skull cap.
  • Raptor gloves – £44.96
  • Skull cap – £22.46 /

Sugoi Zap Bike Jacket

gif test:
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media
We featured Bioracer’s innovative Spitfire jacket on FFAS a few weeks ago, but the Belgian company isn’t the only one using this sort of technology. The Zap jacket from Sugoi uses a fabric covered in what look like, under ambient light, little silver bumps. Shine a light or a camera flash on them however, and they light up magnificently. Confusingly, Sugoi is also calling their fabric ‘Pixel’, and it’s unclear whether it originates from the same source as Bioracer’s version. In any case, it’s a damned good idea.£109.99 / US$160

Lucas KOTR lights

Lucas kotr lights:
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media
USB-chargeable lights have all but replaced those that take standard batteries for many of us, so we’re always pleased to see more options. Lucas bike lights’ new KOTR (that’s ‘King of the Road’) line includes a range of options – some to see by, some just to be seen. The City25/City85 pair (pictured left) have a nice wide beam coverage, while the the City 500F and the R500 (right) are retina-searing affairs for unlit country lanes. Unusually, it’s claimed that the City 500F offers the ability to charge other devices via USB, a trick we look forward to trying out.
  • KOTR City25 rear – £34.99
  • KOTR City85 front – £34.99
  • KOTR City 500F – £70
  • KOTR R500 – £85

Smith Optics Overtake helmet

Smith overtake helmet: smith overtake helmet
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media
Smith Optics has made quite a splash on the helmet scene this year and our first look at the Overtake was encouraging. The novel use of Koroyd honeycomb material and the fact that Smith make a MIPS version means this could be one of the more important products of the coming season. We’ve got one in our hot little hands, so watch this space. 
  • Overtake – £200 / US$250
  • Overtake – MIPS £250 / US$310 /

Mavic Ksyrium Pro Disc

Ksyrium disc wheelset: ksyrium disc wheelset
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media
Since the international cycling illuminati declared the rim brake a goner, this wheelset has been an inevitability. Using the latest ‘4D’ incarnation of Mavic’s proprietary rim milling technology, which we first saw on the Ksyrium 125, these weigh a claimed 1535g (or 2115g as a Wheel-Tyre System package). Mavic Yksion Pro rubber comes fitted as standard.£880 / US$1249.90 / €1000 

New mountain bike gear

Giro Empire VR90 shoes

Giro: giro
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media
The US boys have already been playing with theirs, and now we’ve got hold of a set of these orange beauties. The Empire VR90 aims to be “the ultimate off-road shoe”, featuring an Easton carbon sole with Vibram rubber lugs, and Giro’s own SuperNatural footbeds to boot (geddit?) /

Shimano Enduro Racepack

Shimano enduro racepack:
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media
Shimano heard you liked enduro so they put Enduro on your pack so you can Enduro while you enduro. Why? Because Enduro: 4l storage and assorted straps and stretchy bits will accommodate your goggles, helmet, body armour, water bladder, and everything else under the sun. Side zippers make access to the main compartment very convenient. Because Enduro.£TBC / US$90 /

Specialized Boomslang pedals

Specialised boomslang pedals:
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media
You might assume flat pedals have been around long enough that they couldn’t possible be further refined, but you’d be wrong. The Boomslangs are designed to be as thin as possible without compromising strength and they have a number of clever features, not least of which is the inclusion of four spare pins which are threaded into the inside of each pedal, out of harm’s way. Expect a review with copious use of the words ‘sick’, ‘gnar’ and ‘bro’ (each of which Specialized has just trademarked).£110 / US$180

NS Bikes Magneto stem

NS bikes magneto stem:
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media
Aimed at the freeride/enduro crowd, this neat looking stem uses a two piece sandwich design, with a mildly confusing wedge arrangement to clamp the steerer. Rounded edges are knee-friendly, and the whole things is nicely finished. It’s a stem folks, there you have it.£69.99 / $USTBC 

Shimano CM-1000 Sport Camera

Shimano sport camera:
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media

Gazumped once again by our US colleagues, we on t’other side of the Atlantic have only just laid hands on the much heralded action cam from Shimano. It’s an appealingly compact little device and we’re looking forward to having a play.

£239 / $299

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