The best bicycle insurance: how to find the right policy for you

Looking for the best cycle insurance deal? Read our guide on how to compare cycling insurance and get the right cover for your bike.

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If you’re looking for the best deals on bicycle insurance, you’ve come to the right place.


For assistance in choosing the right policy for you, check out our separate comprehensive guide to bicycle insurance.

Choosing the best bicycle insurance policy for you

Insurance policies are just like bikes — what might work for one individual may not be the best option for you. When choosing a policy, weigh up your needs and be realistic.

A product that offers generous coverage for events may seem tempting, but is it the best option if you only do a handful of races in a year? Would you be better off taking out short-term cover for a specific event?

Likewise, if you don’t regularly make a habit of locking your £8,000 superbike outside the pub, do you really need to plump for additional theft coverage? It’s a balancing act.

As will become obvious, there are no clear winners in most categories. While we believe our suggestions represent a broad range of options available on the market, they’re only a starting point and you should shop around to find the best insurance policy for you.

We have also chosen not to provide suggestions based on pricing because providing an accurate idea of what you may pay is almost impossible. Instead, we’ve based our suggestions off of product specifications and user feedback.

For a broader overview of the specifications of some of the other options available on the market, be sure to refer to our comparison table below.

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2018 bicycle insurance discount codes

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Comparison of popular bicycle insurance providers

This table is designed to serve as a general overview of the specifications of some of the most popular providers and policies on the market.

The information below is based primarily on responses from the providers themselves and information taken from policy wording documents. If we’ve missed something, or there are any inaccuracies, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Unless otherwise specified, we’ve referred to each provider’s most extensive policy.

Most providers have two or three levels of cover or allow you to pick and choose individual components of a package. Including every one of these variations would make this a very, very unwieldy list.

However, we plan to expand this to include cheaper policies in the near future, so check back soon.

Maximum value (per bike) Accidental damage cover Cover abroad Event cover (cancellation) Cover for use during competition Accessories cover Liability cover Accident cover Medical costs Replacement bike hire E-bike cover
Pedalsure £15,000 Yes Yes No Yes £1,500 £2m £150,000 Up to £1,250 on physio or dental  Yes Yes
Cycling UK (Cyclecover) £3,000 Yes Yes £300 fees, £5,000 for trip Sportives only £500 £10m £20,000 £10m Yes (£20 per day) No
Sundays No limit Yes Yes Yes (If a Strava Summit member) Yes £10,000 £1m £10,000 £300 Yes Yes
Laka £10,000 Yes Yes Yes Yes £750 Yes (from 01/12/18) No No No Yes
Bikmo £40,000 Yes Yes £500 Yes £250 minimum, 10% of total insured value £2m £29,000 £29,000 Yes Yes
Yellow Jersey Ultimate £15,000 per bike, policy limit of £50,000 Yes Yes £500 Yes £250 free, anything up to £50,000 total policy limit  £2m £25,000 £750 Yes Yes
Wiggle Elite £10,000 Yes Yes No Yes No limit £1m £10,000 £300 Yes Yes
British Cycling £20,000 Yes £750 £500 N/A N/A Yes Yes

The best bicycle insurance policies for 2018

Best bicycle insurance for theft coverage

Make sure you consult with your insurer to confirm your lock is approved
Make sure you consult with your insurer to confirm your lock is approved
Ben Healy / Immediate Media
Cover against theft is by far the biggest concern for consumers.With this in mind, the terms of policies from the biggest providers have become increasingly generous, driving competition and making it among the hardest categories to pick a clear winner from.

The maximum insurable value may seem like an obvious figure to look at, but few of us actually own £15k super-duper-bikes, so weighing up how, where and in what condition a provider insists your bike be stored are the things to look at.

Taking into account any excess to be paid, any additional extras that a policy provides and user reviews are also an important factor to consider.

With all of this weighed up, Bikmo and Yellow Jersey are the two insurers that come out on top, with Bikmo only just edging out the former.

Both providers will cover your bike within your home and outbuildings.

Critically, unlike some other providers, these outbuildings can include lockable wooden sheds, so long as the bike is secured to an immovable object. This caveat is something to pay particular attention to when comparing providers.

Both also have clear and concise rules about where your bike can be stored away from home and what precautions must be taken to ensure you’re covered.

As with all of our suggestions, it will likely come down to cost and what other benefits each package may offer for you

The user reviews for each of these providers are also very positive — this is more meaningful than you might imagine.

On top of this, both have a very user-friendly interface — which you’ll hopefully never have to become acquainted with — that will make a world of difference if the worst happens and you have to make a claim.

Both providers charge an excess of 10 percent for claims under £1,000, with a cap of £100.

Silly as it may sound, these two providers were also among the easiest to deal with when putting this guide together, giving clear yet detailed answers to our questions.

Commercial interest obviously plays a part here, but you will be spending your money with providers who want to be the leaders in the marketplace.

However, Bikmo arguable surpasses Yellow Jersey in a handful of areas. To start, it defines abandonment as having left a bike for 24 hours, as opposed to Yellow Jersey’s 12. This is of particular note if you, for example, travel overnight and leave a bike at a train station.

Bikmo also explicitly covers bicycles stored in Bikehangars and other similar storage facilities, which could be beneficial for some cyclists.

As with all of our suggestions, it will likely come down to cost and what other benefits each package may offer for you, but you’re unlikely to be left disappointed by either of these two.

Best bicycle insurance with event/racing cover

If racing is a big part of your life, insurance can cover you for lots of different eventualities
If racing is a big part of your life, insurance can cover you for lots of different eventualities
Before choosing an insurance policy with event cover, weigh up the sorts of events you are planning or are most likely to attend —  the premium for a policy that will cover every type of racing will be considerably more than one that covers just sportives.British Cycling is a popular option for many racers and it has event cancellation cover of up to £750.

However, the policy’s cover for damage or injury to other competitors doesn’t extend to fellow British Cycling members, of which a large portion of a race is likely to be made up with.

If you’re happy to take that risk and are already a member of British Cycling, it can be an affordable option.

If you’re doing a tour or sportive abroad and want to be covered for your travel costs up to £5,000 and up to £300 in entry fees, but equally aren’t fussed about theft or accidental damage cover, Cycling UK’s (Cyclecover) policy may work for you.

Note that this policy explicitly excludes all events except sportives, so it would probably be best to check with them directly if you’re unsure

For a more all-round option, it’s a toss-up between Yellow Jersey and Bikmo. Wiggle and Sundays almost made the cut, but neither offers event cancellation cover.

Both Yellow Jersey and Bikmo offer generous event-cancellation coverage, excellent third party/liability cover and replacement bike hire.

Though it’s unpleasant to think about, Bikmo slightly edges out the competition with up to £29,000 in private medical cover compared to Yellow Jersey’s Ultimate package’s £25,000.

In the end, it’ll almost certainly come down to cost, so be sure to seek quotes from a range of providers.

Best bicycle insurance with travel cover

Travelling abroad with your bike? A short-term specialist bike insurance policy could work well for you
Travelling abroad with your bike? A short-term specialist bike insurance policy could work well for you
Ben Healy / Immediate Media
Choosing the best bicycle insurance with travel cover depends largely on the type of trip you’re planning.If you’re planning on a trans-European mega-tour, Cycling UK is likely your best option, with extensive travel and medical cover abroad. However, be aware that the policy has limited cover for theft and damage.

On the other hand, if you just fancy pootling around Mallorca with your mates, but want to be certain that you’re covered if your bike is damaged in transit or stolen from your lush villa, a more simple plan from any number of specialist providers will suit you well.

Again, premium policies from Yellow Jersey and Bikmo work well in these circumstances, with pretty much all of the coverage you’d expect to have at home extendable overseas for a premium.

It’s worth pointing out that neither of these policies will cover you for liability cover in Canada or the USA, but this is the case across most of the specialist bicycle insurance providers.

Best bicycle insurance for the rider with lots of bikes

If you own lots of bikes, be sure to shop about
If you own lots of bikes, be sure to shop about
Oli Woodman / Immediate Media
Although it is still wise to shop around, Yellow Jersey is a leader in this area, with a 60 percent discount on additional bikes, which is slightly better than the typical 50 percent.

Best bicycle insurance for if you own a second-hand bike

All of the providers we spoke to will cover a second-hand bike.

However, some depreciate the value of your bike over time, so it’s best to refer to our table above and weigh up what you require from your insurance and make your decision based on our recommendations for other categories.

Best bicycle insurance for e-bikes

All of the providers we spoke to except for Cycling UK will cover e-bikes 

This means that it largely boils down to the practical considerations of e-bike ownership and how easily a policy will work with these.

To start, the additional heft of an e-bike means that they are more likely to be stored out of the home and regularly used for commuting. As mentioned before, this makes Bikmo and its leniency around outbuildings and cycle hangers a tempting option.

E-bikes are also, more often than not, an individual’s second bike, so it’s worth shopping around to see who offers the most generous multi-bike discount.

Lastly — though it’s not a nice thought at all — with the public mood shifting in favour of tougher sentences for cyclists and greater regulation of e-bikes, it is probably wise to consider what public liability/third party insurance a policy can provide.

With this weighed up, as with the general cover against theft, either Yellow Jersey or Bikmo provide good coverage in respect of e-bikes.

Having a bike stolen really, really sucks
Having a bike stolen really, really sucks
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

Best home insurance for cyclists

PedalCover is a specialist provider that provides home insurance specifically tailored to enthusiast cyclists and their unique needs, including, for example, coverage against theft when away from home and coverage while racing — as far as we know, no other home insurance provider offers as comprehensive a level of cover for cyclists.

It’s hard to make a straight comparison between PedalCover and other providers because each PedalCover policy is bespoke to the customer. This means there is no set policy wording available. 

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting option and worth requesting a quote to see if the cover offered suits your needs.

PedalCover scores well in all areas in reviews and is run by a group of dedicated cyclists.

Regular home insurance is, by far, the most popular way to insure a bike against theft.

However, as outlined in our guide to bicycle insurance, going down this route has a number of pitfalls, primarily around cover outside of the home or against accidental damage.

Nonetheless, many still choose to insure their bikes this way, and if you’re after a simple and often cost-effective policy, it can be a good option.

None of the home insurance providers we spoke to replied to our questions, so our suggestions are based on specifications, user reviews and recommendations from our readers.

Marks and Spencer Bank, Aviva and Hiscox insurance were the three providers that were most regularly recommended. It’s worth noting that Hiscox underwrites many specialist providers (including Bikmo) while Aviva underwrites M&S.

All three provide comprehensive coverage against theft and damage inside and outside of the home, but all have varying degrees of coverage for use during competition. As with all of the policies mentioned in this article, pay close attention to policy wording.

Best cheap bicycle insurance 

It’s hard to give a definitive answer here because we haven’t based our recommendations on price, but looking across user reviews and working off of policy specifications, Laka appears to be the leader here.

Laka works in an interesting way, with your monthly payments fluctuating depending on the number of claims made within a given month, with savings passed onto customers.

For example, according to Laka, the average cost of insuring £2,000 worth of gear would be £7. If a number of claims were made by other members within a set month, your price may rise, but it would never be more than £17.

That’s an incredibly simplified roundup of how Laka works. For more info, it’s best to consult its extensive FAQs