Cotic’s RocketMAX enduro bike gets a refresh

More travel, minor geometry tweaks, as well as big-can metric shocks added

Cotic RocketMAX Gen 3

Cotic’s enduro 29er, the RocketMAX has just been updated, making this the third generation model, with an extra 10mm travel, some adjustments to the geometry, a new down tube and a shift to Metric length shocks.


Cotic seems to be on a bit of a roll with new bikes with the 27.5in Rocket updated just a month ago, seeing new geometry and UK-built front triangles.

Cotic Rocketmax front triangle
Cotic’s cable routing is nice and neat!
Richard Baybutt/Cotic

The ‘Gen3’ RocketMAX now comes with 160mm of rear wheel travel, matched up front with 160mm forks.

This has been done in conjunction with a lower leverage ratio on the shock and slightly less progression through the stroke.

Cotic has also shifted to designing the bike around larger volume big-can air shocks. Combine this all together and you should get a smoother feeling rear end as well as plenty of tuneability.

Cotic says that “the extra travel and new kinematics bring an even more composed, plush feel to the suspension, making it feel more planted when you’re flying down those rock strewn sections.”

Cotic Rocketmax
Cotic has moved to Metric length, large volume shocks.
Richard Baybutt/Cotic

Throwing shapes

In terms of geometry, the RocketMAX Gen2 was the first RocketMAX to get Cotic’s Longshot Geometry.

Longshot geometry is up there in terms of how progressive it is with the likes of Pole and Geometron – basically long and slack with long-ish chainstays to give a better fore-aft weight balance – and is all brought together with 35mm stems.

The main change is an added degree or so on the seat angle for a better position on steep climbs.

Cotic Gen3 RocketMAX geometry (Large)

  • Reach: 490mm
  • Seat tube length: 460mm
  • Head angle: 63.5 degrees
  • Seat angle: 75.8 degrees (720mm BB-saddle height)
  • Chainstay length: 448.2mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,290.3mm
  • Stack: 638.3mm
  • BB drop: -27mm

New tube

When it comes to frame construction, Cotic is famous for using steel in its bikes.

The front triangles are built using Reynolds 853 steel; a classic tubeset in the world of steel bike frames, combining decent weight, stiffness and corrosion resistance.

Cotic Reynolds 853 steel
Reynolds’ 853 steel is used in the front triangle.
Richard Baybutt/Cotic

Cotic has worked with Reynolds to develop a new down tube for the Gen3 RocketMAX using this steel.

The HD down tube is reportedly stiffer for a given weight, as well as tougher. Ideal for an enduro bike, then.

Cotic RocketMAX builds

Cotic Rockshox Lyrik
RockShox’ forks are now options on the RocketMAX.
Richard Baybutt/Cotic

As ever, Cotic is offering a broad range of build options . There’s also the option of a RockShox’s Lyrik fork in the spec choices.

All the forks offered come with shorter 42 to 44mm offsets, but Cy at Cotic reckons that the differences between short and long offset forks are pretty subtle (and our Seb agrees, certainly on longer, slacker bikes), so if you have a longer offset fork you won’t be at a disadvantage.

It’s worth noting that, given the current situation, some elements of the build packages are harder to get hold of.

For example, with Hope dedicating its factory to producing medical aids, its wheels are hard to come by. Likewise, availability of carbon rims is limited on Hunt wheels. However, this is an ever changing situation.

Cane Creek
The top-spec Platinum build has the option of titanium eeWings cranks from Cane Creek.
Richard Baybutt/Cotic

Cotic offers the ability to adjust the spec of the bikes when you order, just give them a shout.

The below are basic builds that can be altered to your heart’s (or budget’s) content.

Cotic RocketMAX Silver build

Shimano SLX, X-Fusion Trace36 fork,Cane Creek DBAir shock, Shimano Deore brakes, Shimano MT620 wheels with Continental Trail King tyres, Cotic finishing kit

  • £3,649 / approx €4,160 / approx $3,770
Cotic DropLink suspension
Cotic has long-used its DropLink suspension design, a single pivot with linkage-actuated shock system.
Richard Baybutt/Cotic

Cotic RocketMAX Gold GX Eagle build

SRAM GX Eagle based, RockShox Lyrik Ultimate fork, Cane Creek DBAir shock. Shimano XT brakes, Hunt Trail Wide wheels with WTB Verdict/Judge tyres, Cotic finishing kit

  • £4,699 / approx €5,360 / approx $4,850 for the Gold Eagle GX bike

Cotic RocketMAX Gold XT build

Shimano XT based, RockShox Lyrik Ultimate fork, Cane Creek DBAir shock. Shimano XT brakes, Hunt Trail Wide wheels with WTB Verdict/Judge tyres, Cotic finishing kit

  • £4,749 / approx €5,420 / approx $4,920
Cotic RocketMax logo
Classy graphics – we approve.
Richard Baybutt/Cotic

Cotic RocketMAX Platinum build

SRAM X01 build, Cane Creek eeWings titanium cranks. RockShox Lyrik Ultimate fork, Cane Creek DBAir shock, Hope Tech3 E4 brakes, Hunt Trail Wide wheels with WTB Verdict/Judge tyres, Cotic finishing kit

  • £6,549 / approx €7,470 / approx $6,780