Strava beta tests new app layout | You tab puts all your stats in one place

Changes to layout and functionality expected later this year

New Strava beta

Strava is planning major changes to the functionality and layout of its app. As part of this, it has just released a beta version of the new layout to a sub-group of its paying subscribers and free users.


The updated design applies to both Android and iOS devices, and Strava says it should make it easier for users to navigate to the features they’re looking for and will form the basis for the rollout of future additional features.

This comes as part of a series of new functions Strava has already rolled out this year, including a monthly activity stats animation and refinements to personal heatmaps.

A key update is to the ‘You’ tab which now puts all your activities and stats in one place. Via the You tab, you can track your training, search your workouts and view your profile.

The Progress feature under the You tab gives details of recent activities, while the Activities function provides full details for every activity you’ve ever uploaded and lets you zero in or sort activities by sport, distance, time, elevation, date range, and exercise type, such as a race or long ride.

From the Home screen you can still see the activities of followed users, give kudos and comment.

The new Maps tab lets you find popular segments or plot new routes, while a Saved tab lets you see achievements, favourite routes and segments, and Local Legend crowns.

A Groups tab gives you the option to join groups and interact with the rest of the Strava community, join challenges and find athletes and brands via clubs.

Strava record screen with sensor pairing
Strava’s Record tab stays the same, with the option to pair up a heart rate monitor.

Not everything’s changed though. The Record tab remains, with its ability to pair a heart rate monitor to your phone and record its output via the app as well as record indoor and outdoor activities in the app.


Strava hasn’t yet said when the changes in the beta test will be rolled out to all users, but it’s promising additional changes and added functionality over the coming months, too.