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Drysure Active shoe dryers review

Easy to use and portable silica-based shoe dryers are an effective way to speed up the shoe-drying process without having to plug anything in

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £25.00 RRP | USD $35.00 | AUD $60.00
Drysures shoe dryers

Our review

A cheap and effective way to speed up the shoe-drying process without having to plug anything in
Pros: Easy to use and effective; no need to be plugged in
Cons: Using them in sodden shoes will require reactivation of the silica beads, which needs an oven (or other heat source), limiting usage on multi-day riding trips
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Unlike a number of other, more expensive shoe dryers, Drysure’s Active shoe dryers don’t need to be plugged in thanks to the use of silica gel beads, which are held within fabric sacks.


Using the Drysures is easy. Simply slip the two plastic shells (which encase the fabric sacks) into your shoes and wait.

Once dry, you can easily pop the casing open to access the bead sacks. To reactivate the beads, you can sit them on a warm radiator, place them in direct sunlight or stick them in the oven (excluding the plastic casing) for a couple of hours.

Once reactivated, you need to store them in the plastic bag provided (which I’d prefer to be a little bigger, because it’s quite tight) to keep them dry. I’ve found the Drysures to be effective, especially when drying damp shoes overnight.

To really test them, I submerged a pair of Giro Chamber II shoes for 10 seconds in cold water and slotted a dryer into one of them. After 24 hours, the shoe with the dryer was almost completely dry, with only some of the thicker ankle padding feeling damp when squeezed. The shoe without the dryer still felt damp inside and the padding noticeably damper.


While the Drysures may not dry heavily-soaked shoes overnight, they certainly help things to feel comfier, which I think makes them well worth the price.

Product Specifications


Price AUD $60.00GBP £25.00USD $35.00
Brand Drysure


Features Drying: Uses silica gel beads