Cheap bike helmets: 6 affordable lids for road, mountain and leisure riding

Affordable cycle helmets, as tested by our experts

MET Idolo road bike helmet

If you’re looking for a decent bike helmet but have a limited budget then look no further. We’ve rounded up the cheap bike helmets that are worth buying, as rated by our expert testers.


We’ve included options for road cyclists, mountain bikers and those who just ride for leisure.

Cheap bike helmets in 2019, as rated by our experts

  • MET Idolo: £50
  • Lazer Tonic: £50
  • B’Twin Road’R 500: £30
  • Endura Xtract: £53
  • 7iDP M2: £60
  • 7iDP M1: £70

Lazer Tonic

4.5 out of 5 star rating
Lazer Tonic road helmet
The Lazer Tonic is styled more like a high-end helmet than a budget option
Caleb Delaney / Immediate Media
  • £50
  • Use: Road, leisure

The Tonic is an excellent affordable road helmet from Belgian brand Lazer. It’s impressively lightweight at just 230g for a size medium but also sports a decent fit and charming looks. Being really picky, the chinstrap material is a little tougher and heavier than on pricier options, but with everything tightened up we doubt you’d notice.

MET Idolo helmet

4.5 out of 5 star rating
MET Idolo road bike helmet
The Idolo is MET’s entry-level road lid
BikeRadar / Immediate Media
  • £50
  • Use: Road, leisure

MET’s entry-level road lid does a great job of imitating its more expensive peers with its lightweight construction, compact dimensions and comfortable feel. Fiddly side straps are about all that is stopping this from being a five star product.

B’Twin Road’R 500 helmet

4.0 out of 5 star rating
B'Twin RoadR 500 Helmet
If you want a very cheap and very capable helmet the Road’R 500 is unlikely to disappoint
BikeRadar / Immediate Media
  • £30
  • Use: Road, leisure

Retailing at only £30, the B’Twin Road’R is a fraction of the cost of most road lids and yet it breathes well in use and even boasts decent looks. Yes, the retention system could do with some refinement and its weight is high at 270g (claimed) for a medium, but overall this is a great option for the cash.

Endura Xtract helmet

4.0 out of 5 star rating
Endura Xtract helmet white
The Xtract is another great budget option
BikeRadar / Immediate Media
  • £53
  • Use: Road, leisure

The Xtract from Endura isn’t the lightest helmet around at 300g, but it’s a good all-rounder lid that’s decidedly affordable. Highlights include a USB rechargeable LED light at the rear, a bug net and Endura’s 50 percent off three-year crash replacement policy.

7iDP M2 helmet

4.0 out of 5 star rating
7iDP M2 helmet in red and blue
7iDP M2 helmet is ideal for mountain bikers on a budget
  • £60
  • Use: Trail/enduro mountain biking, leisure

The M2 from 7iDP is a very impressive mountain biking lid that is very reasonably priced. It’s well ventilated with great coverage but the fit and looks won’t suit everyone.

7iDP M1 full face

3.5 out of 5 star rating
7iDP's M1 full-face helmet
7iDP’s M1 full-face helmet looks a very good buy, provided it fits your head
Steve Behr
  • £70
  • Use: Downhill mountain biking

Budget full faces are not all that common, but decent budget full faces are really something unusual. Luckily this one from 7iDP scored a respectable 3.5/5 in our test back in 2016.