5 tips for smashing your first time trial

5 tips from the pros for taking on your first cycling TT

We asked Wiggle High5’s Lucy Garner and Madison Genesis rider Connor Swift for their tips to ensure you give your first TT your best shot…


1. Don’t go cold

“Make sure you have a good warm up,” insists Wiggle-High5 rider Lucy Garner.

“Everyone is different, I tend to do around 30 minutes on the turbo with a progressive 10 minutes and a few sprints, but I know a lot of riders who do more. It’s about finding out what’s right for you.”

2. Check the layout

“If it’s a short time trial it’s good to go around the course before and check out the corners and so on. You can make up time by doing so,” insists Garner.

“Also one of the most important things about a time trial is getting your position right on the bike. You can save a lot of time by having a good aerodynamic position.”

3. Clock yourself

“When time trialling I like to look at my Garmin to make sure I am pacing myself and not setting off too hard,” says Connor Swift, cyclist for team Madison-Genesis.

“But I only look at power, heart rate and cadence — I don’t look at my time until I have finished the time trial.”

4. Stay focused

“Keep a positive mental attitude when time trialling,” says Swift.

“You need to stay focused and not drift off or doubt yourself because that can take a toll on your performance. Stay in the aero position you started in and really focus on keeping a position that works well and ensure you don’t lose it when tiring.”

5. Ready yourself

“In the day building up to the race you should do some efforts to open up the legs,” suggests Swift.

“This could be 3x5min efforts, interspersed with regular rides at a comfortable pattern. Get that warm-up right on the day of the race too, it should be finished around 10 minutes before the start to get the legs ready for the effort ahead.”


Time trials in England and Wales are organised by Cycling Time Trials, see ctt.org.uk for more info and for a list of events near you