How fast can you get in just six weeks? | Jack and Joe’s training results revealed

Enjoy 15 minutes of sweaty, pale and skinny men in episode 13 of BikeRadar Diaries

Way back in February, Jack and Joe were set a six-week training plan by XC-shredder, superstar coach and all-around nice guy Tom Bell, with a goal of improving their VO2 max and overall fitness.


For Jack, what followed was a crash course in structured training, riding with power and true on-bike suffering, and for Joe… well, this is pretty much exactly what he gets up to throughout the year anyway.

As full-time excuse makers, neither of the boys managed to stick fully to the training plan, but how much of an improvement did they make in their short time? Or have they gone backwards and ended up slower than before?

If you want to find out, or, if you just want to watch two pale skinny men gurn on an exercise bike for 15 minutes, episode 13 of BikeRadar Diaries is the one for you.


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