How to become lightning-fast at time trialling

David Millar reveals his five-point system that will lead you to success

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This week on BikeRadar we’re bringing you a fascinating series of articles by David Millar, filled with tips and advice that will lead even the most experienced time-triallist to review how they ride against the clock.

This series of articles introduces The David Millar TT System, which has been developed in conjunction with A1 Members and is presented exclusively by BikeRadar.

David Millar is one of the most successful time triallists in the history of cycling and, in this series, he reveals the system that took him to the very top of the professional ranks. The system breaks down into five key elements that everyday cyclists can implement to increase their chances of success.

The david millar tt system – part 1

In his articles, David challenges some modern myths – such as expensive equipment and lab testing being the prerequisites for greater speed – and illustrates the strategies he’s developed with intriguing insights from his own experiences and career. He also questions the taken-for-granted ways of doing things, both in the traditional British time-trialling scene, in which he initially developed as a rider, and the professional ranks.

David also explains how the approach to time trials he developed during his career evolved to become one of self-reliance, after years of experimenting and discovering what worked best for his unique athletic characteristics. This idea of being adaptable – of tailoring yourself, your bike and your strategy – to the needs of the particular event is an intriguing and refreshing theme that runs through the various elements of David’s system.


He argues persuasively that it’s the rider who should be ultimately responsible for finding their best position and selecting the equipment that best suits their particular needs. And that those things can be done at a minimal cost. It’s a refreshingly honest insight into what really matters and a departure from the trend of seeking, often very expensive, solutions from ‘experts’ whose advice may be guided by commercial interests.

Moreover, David’s system will give you the knowledge to figure out what changes you need to make and the confidence to make them.

System components

The most critical component in David’s system – the rider – is the focus throughout his series but David also uses his articles to break down all the key elements into manageable, no-nonsense chunks.

Other important issues, such as pacing and climbing, are all dealt with equally. However, here again, David’s system differs in that he doesn’t talk about the ‘right’ strategy or the ‘perfect’ solution. Rather, he emphasises the need to be adjust and adapt your approach to suit particular courses, conditions and your abilities as a rider.

With the help of the David Millar TT System, time triallists everywhere – from the newest first-timer to the most experienced racer – can review the way they ride against the clock. And, the series isn’t just for the TT purists; there’s plenty for road racers to learn too – after all, it’s often the TT result that decides the general classification in a stage race.


You’ll also find links in the articles to free videos, courtesy of A1 Coaching and BikeRadar, in which David discusses various aspects of time-trialling with Anthony Walsh, founder of A1 Coaching. These fantastic resources will further illustrate key aspects of the David Millar TT System.


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