We help Gary pick his perfect commuting bike | A BikeRadar consultation

With so many options out there, how do you decide what the best bike for commuting is?

Two men riding electric bikes in a town centre

Hybrid, road bike, gravel bike, touring bike, mountain bike, electric bike… with oodles of options out there, choosing the best commuting bike for you and your needs can be an intimidating challenge for the uninitiated.

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BikeRadar’s sub-editor, Gary Walker, has recently found himself facing this very issue.

It’s time to bid addio to Gary’s ol’ Viking Giro d’Italia.
Gary Walker / Our Media

After a few years of semi-faithful service, Gary’s humble, hand-me-down Viking Giro D’Italia has begun to look a little sorry for itself.

A visual examination of the drivetrain, in particular, resulted in a firm telling off and warnings of an impending catastrophe from resident chain nerd, Simon von Bromley.

This and further gentle hints from other colleagues sealed the deal – a new bike was in order. But what to get?

Balancing everyday commuting to and from BikeRadar HQ with aspirations of off-road gravel riding and bikepacking adventures for this coming year, all while considering whether or not to try out an electric bike, meant Gary’s choice wasn’t as clear-cut as initially imagined.

Fortunately for young Gary, he has some of the brightest minds in cycling media at his beck and call.

In the latest episode of the BikeRadar Podcast, Jack Luke, Alex Evans and Tom Marvin talk Gary through the process of buying a new bike and, after only light bickering, actually come to a conclusion on the best bike for him.

But what do you think? Did the team get it right, or were they miles off the mark? What would you have chosen for Gary? Let us know in the comments!

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