Top 5 new year’s resolutions you can actually keep

Set yourself up for success in 2019

Happy New Year! Yes, it’s that time again, where we relinquish bad habits and set ourselves a list of things we want to improve this year, or try out for the first time.


Here are 5 cycling resolutions you can actually stick to

While it’s good to have goals, not everyone sees them through to completion. So, to give yourself the best chance of sticking to your resolutions, it’s better to make them simple and achievable.

If you’re still looking for ideas, here are five simple new year’s resolutions that you can actually stick to.

1. Challenge yourself

No matter your cycling prowess, you can always challenge yourself to push a little harder. Whether it’s signing up for a big event or setting yourself a distance to cover, if it’s something you’ve not done before, it’s a worthy cause.

Once you’ve decided on your challenge, make it stick. Tell everyone what you’re doing. Not only will you get the support you need, but they’ll also hold you accountable.

Then all you need to do is start preparing! You can build a training plan by breaking your overall goal into smaller milestones and working backwards from the big day. Or you can simply find something suitable online.

2. Introduce someone else to cycling

Cycling is great with others, so maybe 2019 is the year to get someone else started. Take a friend to your local trails or challenge them to their first cyclocross race. You could introduce your partner to the joys of cycling by taking them on a bike ride with the promise of a cafe stop at the other end.

If you don’t have a bike to lend them, don’t forget there are a wealth of rental options out there. From city bike-share schemes to mountain bike hire at trail centres, there’s usually something available to get your loved one out on two wheels for the first time.

3. Try something new

It’s always nice to mix things up to keep them fresh. If you’re already excelling in your discipline, why not try a different one?

Roadies, why not give mountain-biking a go, while off-roaders could swap the trails for a muddy cyclocross course. You could try your first enduro or maybe go further with a long-distance audax.

Learning a new discipline will improve your overall fitness in a way that will benefit your riding and teach you new skills too.

4. Look after your bike

Your new year’s resolution could be something as simple as remembering to keep your bike clean and running smoothly all year.

So don’t forget to give it a sponge-down after particularly muddy rides to keep your components happy, get it serviced at your local bike shop or service it yourself.

Even if you aren’t the most confident mechanic, little things such as keeping your chain lubed and your tyres inflated will make all the difference.

5. Look after yourself

There’s more to cycling than turning the pedals, and maybe 2019 is the year you start to look after yourself a little more.

Perhaps it’s getting more sleep so you’re always well-rested and more alert on the bike.

Taking up yoga will strengthen your core and teach you to really stretch out after a particularly heavy day in the saddle.


And, if that’s not your thing, getting in some strength training will certainly see your bike handling skills go a long way