Bosch signals at a fully integrated future with ebike concept

Full-sus hybrid concept bike promises on- and off-road versatility

Bosch eBike Design Vision concept

It’s been ten years since Bosch launched its first electric bike motor system and, to mark the occasion, the brand has unveiled its eBike Design Vision, demonstrating how it sees the ebike developing in the future. 


Rather than envisioning new motors and systems, the design incorporates products from Bosch’s current ebike range, including its motor, battery and anti-lock braking system, as well as its latest controller. 

As is happening already with conventional bikes, Bosch sees increasing integration as the way forward for ebikes, with a focus on whole vehicle design rather than the optimisation of individual components. 

The concept incorporates the current Performance Line CX motor into a carbon framed bike, which Bosch calls an “urban sports cruiser”, and says it’s designed for city adventures, commuting and off-road trail rides. 

Commenting on the design concept, Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, said: “Our aim in developing the eBike Design Vision is to show what is already possible today when it comes to functional design integration and investigate where the journey might take us in the future.”

Bosch ebike concept power unit
The concept is based on existing Bosch products.

In the concept there’s front and rear suspension, with a conventional suspension fork and a rear shock absorber built into the top tube.

The PowerTube 625 lithium ion battery is enclosed in the down tube under a removable battery cover, so the battery can still be removed for charging. There are side cooling-channels designed into the frame to allow heat to escape.

The concept also includes Bosch’s anti-lock braking system for ebikes, with the controller hidden behind the integrated front luggage rack.

That merges into the one-piece carbon bar/stem which houses Bosch’s latest Nyon on-board computer. Most cabling and hoses run through the bars and frame too. 

Bosch ebike concept front rack
The design features extensive integration, including this nifty little front rack.

Also incorporated into the front end is an LED running light, and there’s an LED rear light integrated into the back of the frame.

We know this is just a concept, but one thing the bike lacks is mudguards, so you’re going to end your ride with a muddy stripe up your back after most trips in UK weather.


With its systems already used by more than 70 bike brands, Bosch sees the eBike Design Vision as a signal to manufacturers for how its future designs might incorporate its products.