Best Christmas gifts for cyclists from Amazon

From cheap socks to a fancy coffee machine, we’ve got something for all tastes and budgets

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The best Christmas gifts for cyclists from Amazon

If you’ve got your Amazon Prime membership locked and loaded, and you’re looking for a gift for the cyclist in your life, you’ve come to the right place – these are the very best Christmas gifts for cyclists on Amazon.


From cheap socks to a, frankly, quite silly coffee machine, we’ve got something for all tastes and budgets.

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VeloChampion 4.5in cycling socks

VeloChampion cycling socks
We promise the cyclist in your life would like socks.

We’ve lost count of the number of gift guides for cyclists we have begun with a pair of socks but… well, they’re exactly the sort of thing we’d like to receive. 

So long as they’re long enough, no cyclist worth their salt will be disappointed with a pair of new performance stockings.

These pleasingly inoffensive 4.5in cuff socks are our top pick. 

White may seem boring, and many cyclists like something a bit more jazzy but, unless you’re sure how far they stray onto the fun spectrum, it’s probably better to just go with black or white…

Lezyne Zecto Drive bike lights 

Lezyne Zecto Max Drive 250 rear light
You can’t have too many lights in your life.

Similarly boring but undoubtedly useful is a set of bike lights 

No one expects you to stump up £300 for a lumen bazooka, but even a set of decent blinkies to keep as a spare or fit to a commuter will go down well.

These lights from Lezyne fall more into the ‘be-seen’ category, but will be a genuinely useful addition to a more powerful set of lights. 

Przewalski men’s baselayer

Przewalski men’s baselayer
These baselayers are bargain at £21.99 for a pair.

We’re a big fan of mesh baselayer’s here at BikeRadar and we’re sure the rider in your life would like to get in on the Rab C Nesbitt look as well. 

They may not perform high in the looks department but there’s no doubt they work well. 

Our very favourites come from Brynje but, these aren’t available on Amazon. This pleasingly cheap option from Przewalski looks like a good alternative with a very similar construction and cut. Better still, a pair comes in at just £21.99.

The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archive by Mark Hudson

Rough-Stuff Fellowship archive book cover
This was one of our favourite books of 2019.

The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archive was one of our favourite cycling books of 2019.

Collating the very best images from the archive’s enormous collection from the early era of off-road cycling, there’s no way you’ll be able to leaf through this book without feeling inspired.

Lezyne Steel Floor pump

Lezyne steel floor pump
Lezyne’s pumps present great value for money.
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

Lezyne’s reasonably-priced yet high-quality pumps always score well in our reviews.

The Steel Floor pump is, well, exactly as it sounds – a pleasingly chunky and sturdy steel bicycle pump that will give years and years of service. That it comes in a fetching shade of red is the icing on the cake. 

5-pack Vavert inner tubes

Vavert 5-pack inner tubes
You cannot have too many tubes in your life.

Buying inner tubes sucks at the best of times, and being caught short without a spare before a ride is one of the most frustrating things imaginable. 

With that in mind, we’re honestly not joking when we say a multi-pack of tubes will go down well with the rider in your life. 

It’s exactly the sort of thing you’re unlikely to buy for yourself in bulk, and is much more useful than your typical frivolous cycling accessory. Trust us on this one. 

De’Longhi Scultura espresso machine

De'Longhi Scultura espresso machine
Cyclists love coffee. Your cyclist will love this machine.

Looking for something a little more fun than inner tubes? Look no further. 

Cyclists and coffee go together like chamois cream and butts (there’s another gift idea for you). 

If you want to gift the rider in your life with the ultimate workshop upgrade, why not blow a whopping £132 on this handsome De’Longhi Scultura espresso machine, which currently has 34 per cent off until 22 December. 

The machine is bound to make a better brew than most other home methods and, well, it looks the part. 

Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 epilator

Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 epilator
Summer is the traditional season for smooth legs, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy them year-round.

If the cyclist in your life shaves their legs, an epilator could be a gift that is, in equal parts, hilarious and useful. 

There are loads of options on Amazon but the Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561, which currently has 53% off, would be our pick of the bunch. 

If you’re unsure if they go sans follicle, assume they don’t – most roadies will make any excuse to invite you to touch their smooth, milky pins.