Christmas gift ideas for female road cyclists

From covetable kit and accessories for your favourite roadie this Christmas

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Christmas gifts for women road cyclists

If you’re looking for great gifts for women who love road cycling, we can help you put your shopping list together.


BikeRadar has collated a delightful selection of gifts from cheap and cheerful stocking fillers to some serious kit that will have them raring to ride as much as humanly possible. And if you’re the woman in question, why not use this list to drop a few hints?

With lots of ideas, there’s bound to be something to suit your festive budget.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus

Garmin Edge 520 Plus
The Garmin 520 provides plenty of meaty training and performance data to get your teeth into

If you’re looking for a great gift for the cyclist who’s looking to optimise their training and likes the stats to back up it up, then we rated the Garmin Edge 520 Plus a near-perfect 4.5 out of 5 stars.

It’s our pick for performance-minded riders, with features that include Strava Live Segments, FTP testing, Di2 integration, a VO2 max calculation and recommended recovery time

Plus, all the usual measurements you’d expect including distance, speed, elevation, heart rate and power.

  • £199.99 / €299.99 / $279.99 / AU$599 (bundle only)

Cinelli Cotton Cycling Cap

Cinelli Cotton Cycling Caps
Cinelli cotton cycling caps make a great gift for any roadie.

You can’t go wrong buying someone a cycling cap, and Cinelli has been prolific when it comes to producing an array of fun and colourful designs.

Many artists have partnered up with the brand to produce quirky patterns and there’s bound to be something that your giftee will love.

Cotton caps made in Italy, what better way to say ‘chapeau’?

  • £16.99 / €19.71 / $18.62 / AU$29.44

Liv Cycling Zorya arm and leg warmers

Liv arm and leg warmers
Get cosmic with galaxy print leg and arm warmers from Liv Cycling
Liv Cycling

Transitional seasons are when arm and leg warmers come into their own, and are perfect for those days when it starts off cold then warms up.

Just because they’re a practical item doesn’t mean they have to be boring, as demonstrated by the Zorya range from Liv Cycling.

Produced in collaboration with Spanish cycle kit company Exteondo, these feature a striking galaxy print and have lots of reflective details incorporated. In addition to the usual reflective logos and tabs, there are speckles of reflective material in the star print itself.

They’re also available in a three different colourways, from black to a bright purple fade.

Liv leg warmers
Both the Zorya leg and arm warmers have reflective detailing.
Liv Cycling

Liv Zorya Arm Warmers

  • £22.99 / $37

Liv Zorya Leg Warmers

  • £29.99 / $47

Sportful Fiandre Light NoRain top

Sportful Fiandre Light NoRain top
The Sportful Fiandre Light NoRain top is a favourite among roadies.

Every roadie needs some versatile weather protection, particularly if they’re riding year-round. Here in the UK the weather can be so unpredictable, so it’s important to be able to keep warm when the forecast is so mixed.

This Sportful Fiandre top is constructed from NoRain Light fabric, claimed to offer breathable water resistance. The fabric on the front, shoulders and upper arms is windproof, to help combat the chill.

  • £120 / €129.99 / $156.49 / AU$222.49

Specialized S-Works Evade II ANGi MIPS Road Helmet

Specialized S-Works Evade Angi helmet
The helmet that calls for help – a truly differemt gift.

Treat your favourite road cyclist to the five-star rated helmet that calls for help. It might sound a little morbid as a gift idea, but if they’re the kind of cyclist who rides in isolated areas through the night, they’ll appreciate this innovative helmet.

Not only does it come with MIPS, it also features ANGi, a cutting-edge safety feature consisting of a gyroscope and accelerometer. It pairs with an app where you can set your next of kin as a contact, and then if the device senses any sudden changes of direction caused by an impact, it alerts them on your behalf.

  • £230 / €299.90 / $275 / AU$400

Defeet Thermeator Twister Socks

Defeet Thermeator Twist Cycling Socks
Keep her feet warm with Defeet Thermeator Twist Cycling Socks.

While some might deem socks to be an unimaginative gift at Christmas, your roadie recipient will be delighted with theirs. Socks really are a way of life for road cyclists, especially when they’re brightly coloured and comfortable to boot.

There’s an array of options of course, but if you don’t know where to start, consider Defeet’s Thermeator socks, which are all about warmth. They have a padded cuff and come in a mid-density thickness to keep the cold out.

£17.99 / €22 / $260 / AU$33

SIS Performance Box

SIS Performance Box energy gels
Why not give her a different kind of selection box?
Science in Sport

Any roadie worth her salt knows how important it is to fuel throughout a long ride. Instead of a chocolate selection box this Christmas, why not give this selection of Science in Sport energy products? 

The Performance Box includes five Isotonic gels, three energy and caffeine gels, two energy and caffeine bars, and two energy bars. 

  • £17 / €20 

Knog PWR Road Front Light (600 Lumen)

Knog PWR Road 600 Light
The Knog PWR Road light is a genuine innovation.

We’ve said it before, the Knog PWR Road light is a genuine innovation, with a modular design and interchangeable power pack, allowing you to tailor the light to your needs. 

So if the woman in question has a habit of riding after dark, we highly recommend the Knog PWR Road light in 600 lumens. It’s fuss-free and comes with a decent battery life that we think is ideal for this kind of riding.

Paceline Chamois Butt’r Euro Style

Paceline Chamois Butt'r Euro Style
Chamois cream is always welcome after a long ride.

There isn’t a roadie on earth who wouldn’t appreciate some chamois cream for their buns after a long day on the saddle.

We like Paceline’s Chamois Butt’r because it contains menthol and witch hazel, which gives a well-needed cooling effect. Give your loved one a gift that will make them tingle.

  • £17.50 / €19.99 / $22.99 / AU$32.49

Continental Grand Prix 5000 TL Tyres

Continental GP5000 TL tyre
Continental’s GP5000 TL tyres make a great upgrade.
David Caudery / Immediate Media

If your roadie friend isn’t already rocking a pair of these then she’s going to love unwrapping them at Christmas.

Tyres may not seem that exciting if you’re not much of a cyclist yourself, but these particular tyres from Continental have arguably been the most talked about of 2019. We gave them an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5.

  • £65.99 / €74.90 / $86.60 / AU$118.70

Wahoo Kickr Climb Indoor Grade Simulator

Wahoo Kickr
Help her reach new heights with her training.

While it’s no replacement for the thrill of riding outdoors, there are still plenty of brilliant reasons to get on the indoor training bandwagon.

It’s not just good for those days when the weather is too miserable to go out, a structured training programme can help boost fitness or to train for an event in the most efficient way possible. Not to mention the convenience of having it at home. Minimal effort required!

New developments such as this super-cool Kickr Climb simulator give as accurate a riding experience as possible, including riding up inclines, and this add-on actually elevates the front of the bike.

Paired with a smart trainer and training programme such as Zwift, the result is indoor training that’s actually fun (Shock! Horror!) – riding in a virtual environment indoors while the wind and rain rage outside.

  • £499.99 / $599.99 / AU$799

Scratch-off Cycling Print

Scratch-off map
This scratch-off map means she can show off her riding accomplishments!
Maps International

It’s a map, it’s wall-art, it’s a record of sporting prowess, it’s a goal planner and it’s a great conversation starter.

This rather fine-looking cartographic product lists many of the most famous road climbs in the Alps. Once a Col has been conquered, just scratch it off the map, or rather scratch to highlight the achievement.

Scratch off the climbs as you smash them
Scratch off the climbs as you smash them.
Maps International

There’s also a version that covers UK climbs for British riders and peaks in the Rockies for those based in the US.

  • £14.99 / $19.40 / AU$27.40