Christmas gift ideas for the beginner cyclist

The best gifts for the budding road cyclist or mountain biker in your life.

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If someone you know has recently got into road cycling, mountain biking or is just riding a little to build their fitness, these are the best gifts for beginner cyclists.


Cycling is a dangerously acquisitive sport, however: shiny new things power the average rider almost as much as the joy of getting out on the bike. 

It will all start innocently with a few choice items (which we assure will be gladly received!) from this list. 

But, soon, you’ll be talked into building a ‘pain cave’ in your home and will be dragged around the country to watch your loved one compete in hill climbs (don’t you know you need a whole different bike for that?). You have been warned. 

Lezyne Pressure Drive mini pump

Lezyne Pressure Drive
The pressure drive is our favourite reasonably-priced mini pump

If you’re just getting into cycling, there is no more deflating (ha) an experience than being caught out with a puncture without the right tools.

A decent mini pump should be your first investment. An all-alloy one will last the test of time and the function will be far nicer than a budget option. 

Our favourite reasonably-priced option is the Lezyne Pressure Drive. 

  • £35 / €42.99 / $45.99 / AU$74.99

Topeak Joe Blow track pump

The Topeak Joe Blow Mountain track pump
Track pumps are best left at home or in the boot of a car.
Jacob Gibbins

It may seem crazy for a cyclist to have two pumps – after all, they all accomplish the same thing.

However, as anyone who has battled with a voluminous tyre using a mini pump will attest, a track pump (otherwise known as a floor pump) is a wise investment. 

Designed to be left at home or in the boot of your car, a track pump is a freestanding pump that allows you to inflate your tyres much quicker, and to higher pressures, than is possible with a mini pump.

The very cheapest track pumps will suffice, but, if you want something decent that will last the test of time, spending a little more on something such as a Topeak Joe Blow is a worthwhile investment. 

  • £35.99 / €44.99 / $50 / AU$80

Bontrager Ion 100 R/Flare R City bike lights

Bontrager Ion 100 R Flare R City lights
These tiny lights from Bontrager pack a powerful punch.
Triton Cycles

Lights on bikes can perform one of two functions: to see or to be seen.

Investing in a daytime running light that accomplishes the latter is a great idea for any rider. 

There are loads of options out there, but one of our go-to’s are the Bontrager Ion and Flare, which offer an impressive output in a remarkably small size. 

  • £44.99 / €54.99 / $59.99 / AU$79.99

Fabric Gripper water bottle

Fabric Gripper water bottle
We love these bottles from Fabric.
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

Water bottles seem like a really boring gift but, if you buy the right ones, they will be appreciated for years to come. 

Our current favourite bidon comes courtesy of Fabric. The small grippers moulded into the bottle make them genuinely easy to retrieve from a cage. The valve is also large and removable, so cleaning is really easy. 

The bottles come in a wide gamut of pleasing hues and an insulated version is also available. What’s not to like?

  • £8.99 / €9 / $ and AU$ TBD

Topeak Mini 20 Pro multi-tool

Topeak Mini 20
The Topeak Mini 20 has a truly impressive complement of tools.
Dave Caudery / Immediate Media

Like a mini pump, a multi-tool is vital to ensuring a good day out on the bike should anything go awry. 

Multi-tools span the whole spectrum of sizes and styles but, for a good all-round solution, we’d turn to the Topeak Mini 20 multi-tool. 

This bad boy has just about every tool you could ever need for a road- or trail-side repair, it’s pretty much a miniature workshop that will fit in the palm of your hand.

  • £32 / €39.99 / $40 / AU$60

Van Rysel Cold Weather Racer jacket

Van Rysel cold weather cycling jacket
This windproof jacket will make a big difference to on-bike comfort.

We’d all love to be able to buy our loved ones a £250 GoreTex jacket for riding but that’s probably not reasonable for most of us.

As a nice halfway house that will make a genuine big difference to the on-bike comfort of the budding roadie in your life, we recommend something like the Van Rysel Cold Weather Racer jacket. 

This mid-weight, softshell-like windproof jacket has a DWR (durable water repellent) coating that will shrug off showers and keep riders warm in inclement climes. And all for just £40! 

  • £39.99, international pricing N/A

Cycling socks (yes, really)

Decathlon plain coloured cycling socks
Socks make a fine gift for any cyclist.
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

As far as gifts go, socks may seem like the most boring gift imaginable but, for any cyclist worth their salt, a new pair of performance stockings will set their world alight this Christmas.

There are innumerable brands producing high-quality socks, covering the whole spectrum of tastes: from the jealousy-inducing-ly jazzy, to the more austere and understated designs, there’s something for everyone.

Our boutique favourites come from the likes of Ten Speed Hero and Ornot but, even a pair of these £9 white socks from sports supermarket Decathlon are likely to please. 

  • £7.99, international pricing N/A

Muc-Off 8-in-1 bike cleaning kit

Muc-Off 8-in-1 bike cleaning kit
This 8-in-1 kit has all you need to keep a bike squeaky-clean.

Cleaning bikes sucks, but a having a proper kit with all the brushes, lotions and potions required at hand makes the task a lot less onerous. 

Muc-Off sells a wide range of different cleaning kit options but this all-inclusive 8-in-1 kit would be our go-to for a gift.

  • £39.99 /  $69.99, international pricing TBC