Gift ideas for the cyclist who has everything

Ideas for that special someone who loves bikes but is impossible to shop for

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We all know the scenario – you know someone who’s so into cycling that all they’ll want for Christmas is bike stuff, but what could you possibly get them that they don’t have already?


It’s even more of a problem if that person is, like this humble writer, a bit of a snob. We’ll be forever appreciative of your valiant efforts, but if you buy us the wrong thing, don’t expect us to use it.

So let’s make it easy for you: here are ten great gift ideas that are sure to thrill even the most blessed of cyclists.

Alpe d’Huez Cycling Print

Alpe d'Huez Print
This print depicting the legendary climb of Alpe d’Huez would brighten up even the darkest of pain caves.
Cycling Souveniers

Ideal for the living room wall of a cycling obsessed household or for a little inspiration while climbing Alpe du Zwift in their pain cave, this print featuring the legendary Tour de France climb of Alpe d’Huez is available in a number of different sizes from 8 x 10 to 24 x 36 inches and is sure to please even the most discerning of armchair critics.

Arundel Dual

Arundel Dual Saddle Bag
The Arundel Dual is one of the most elegant saddle bags on the market.

One of the most elegant saddle bags on the market, Arundel’s Dual saddle bag is so called because it has room for two 700c inner tubes, plus a few tyre levers and a multi-tool, yet it’s slim enough not to contact the inner thigh or spoil the look of any of their fine steeds.

A small patch of leather also protects the seatpost clamp from wearing a hole in the canvas. It’s available in black with a number of different colour pipings, but unless you’re absolutely certain you’re choosing the right colour we’d recommend all-black just to be safe.

Beer 52 gift subscription

Beer 52
A Beer 52 subscription includes eight different beers, a snack and a magazine every month.
Beer 52

It might not be particularly performance enhancing, but life’s too short to be drinking rubbish beer.

A Beer 52 subscription includes eight different beers, a snack and a magazine every month, so if you know someone who enjoys a tipple, you can put a smile on their face without having to worry about which beers to choose.

The Big Corkscrew by Campagnolo

The Big Corkscrew by Campagnolo
Yes, it’s incredibly expensive for a corkscrew, but it combines form and function in a way that only Campagnolo can achieve.

Until you’ve got one of these, you simply can’t claim to be a ‘cyclist who has everything’.

Made in Italy, Campagnolo’s legendary oversized corkscrew, with its patented telescopic self-aligning cover system, is a must have accessory for the cyclist who fancies themselves as something of a sommelier.

B’Twin 900 Road Sport Cycling Socks

B'Twin 900 Road Sport Cycling Socks
Most discerning cyclists are very fussy about socks, so keep it simple this Christmas and go for something classic such as these by Decathlon.

For the cyclist who is truly meticulous about style, great socks are an essential, almost consumable, item of kit – you can never have too many pairs.

These top of the range chaussettes from French sports giant Decathlon are very reasonably priced and sit right in the Goldilocks zone for length. They’re available in four colours, but if in doubt choose black or white.

Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 Alarm Clock

Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 Alarm Clock
The Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 Alarm Clock brightens gradually to simulate sunrise and wake you up more naturally than a standard alarm.

For many amateurs, sleep is one of the great uncharted areas for performance gains, and traditional alarms are a nightmare in this regard – often shocking you awake right in the middle of REM sleep and leaving you feeling tired and groggy.

The Lumie Bodyclock Glow instead wakes you up gradually, in customisable 20, 30 or 45 minute windows, by using LEDs to mimic real sunlight and help you wake up feeling naturally refreshed and awake. Additionally, it can mimic sunset to help you wind down at night and has ten built in sleep/wake sounds.

Rapha Rainproof Essentials Case

Rapha Rainproof Essentials Case
Rapha’s Rainproof Essentials Case is a serious upgrade over a zip-lock sandwich bag.

A zip-lock sandwich bag will do just fine for carrying your phone, cards and cash, but the cyclist who has everything would surely prefer a more graceful solution.

Rapha’s Rainproof Essentials Case is constructed from a waterproof coated fabric and features a soft divider that will lovingly cosset a precious phone and keep cards separate for easy organisation. There’s also a zipped pocket for small valuables such as coins or keys.

Segafredo Massimo Coffee Beans 1kg

Segafredo Massimo Coffee Beans
Segafredo is one of the largest coffee companies in Italy, as well as the co-sponsor of the Trek-Segafredo professional cycling team.

Cycling might have once had a bad reputation as a bit of a drug-fuelled sport, but there’s nothing wrong with using a bit (or a lot) of caffeine to surreptitiously boost your performance.

These premium coffee beans from Italian coffee producer Segafredo – co-sponsor of the Trek-Segafredo professional cycling team – are said to be full bodied with hints of chocolate, and perfect for espresso, latte and mocha coffees.

Silca HX1 Home & Travel Tool Drive Kit in wood box

Silca HX1
Silca’s HX-1 kit is both beautiful and practical, making it an ideal gift for the sophisticated cyclist in your life.

The cyclist in your life almost certainly has a set of tools already, but there are tools and then there are tools made by Silca, the manufacturer of some of the most beautiful tools and pumps for bicycles in the world.


The HX1 Home & Travel Tool Drive Kit contains six Torx bits, two Philips heads, two flat heads and eight hex keys, all beautifully packaged in a box made from CNC-machined sustainable Beech Wood.

Zwift gift card

This entry is sponsored by Zwift

A subscription to Zwift, the online virtual training and racing platform, is fast becoming a must-have accessory for cyclists.

With a huge amount of things to do, events to sign up for and training plans to follow, a gift card for a 3- or 12- month subscription will ensure the cyclist in your life doesn’t miss out on all the fun.

Zwift sells gift cards for 3- or 12-month subscriptions.