Christmas gifts for the mud-loving cyclocrosser

10 essentials for staying warm, looking after your bike and enjoying the racing

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Gifts for the mud-loving cyclocrosser

Does your beloved enjoy riding a sorta-road-bike through a muddy obstacle course, occasionally hopping off to jump a hurdle and inexplicably run with their bike? If so, it sounds like they’re a cyclocross rider. We’ve rounded up ten gifts, starting at less than £20 that ‘cross riders will love.


We’ve got presents to keep you warm, to make noise, to seat tyres and more. Read on for your complete 2019 cyclocross gift guide.

Airshot tubeless inflator

Airshot Tubless pump for mountain bike
The Airshot is a simple canister-style inflator.
Immediate Media

While many ‘cross racers are still running tubulars, plenty favour tubeless tyres for their practicality. When everything goes right with a tubeless setup it’s great, but sometimes getting a tyre to seat can be a pain.

That’s where a tubeless inflator comes in, and the Airshot is about as simple and effective as they come. It’s essentially just a metal canister that you pressurise using a standard track pump, releasing the air in a single blast when you open the valve.

  • £49.99

10-inch, heavy-duty steel cowbell

Large cowbell with handle and small keyring cowbell
This cowbell promises to be loud and obnoxious, perfect for aggressive cheering of fellow racers.

Noise is integral to the cyclocross experience, and there are few more effective noise makers than a hefty cowbell.

This 10in number has a chunky handle and is made from burly steel, so it should give years of service.

As a bonus, you get a keyring-sized mini cowbell too.

  • £12.99

Sealskinz Waterproof Cold Weather Mid-Length Sock with Hydrostop

Sealskinz waterproof socks
Waterproof socks are the key to comfortable winter riding.

Overshoes aren’t necessarily the most practical accessory for ‘cross because they tend to cover up the tread on your shoes (which you need for running), and are easy to damage. Many racers just accept cold, wet feet, but a good pair of waterproof cycling socks can avoid that.

Sealskinz is the benchmark in waterproof socks, using a multi-layer construction with a membrane sandwiched inside the fabric.

The cold weather version includes a Merino lining for maximum snugness, while the Hydrostop seal around the inside of the cuff makes it harder for water to work its way in. Lighter versions are available if you don’t need as much protection.

They’re expensive, but can you put a price on comfort?

  • £42.50

Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody jacket

Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody jacket
A good warm jacket is essential for pit lurking and spectating.

There’s a lot of standing around outside in ‘cross, whether you’re cheering on fellow racers or eating frites post-effort, so a warm jacket like this one from Patagonia is essential.

The Nano Puff has a polyester ripstop shell that’s 100 per cent recycled, and it’s treated with a DWR coating for water resistance. Primaloft Gold insulation keeps things toasty and there are two hand-warmer pockets on the front.

The internal chest pocket doubles as a stuff sack — did we mention that this thing is portable? Oh, and it’s available in both men’s and women’s versions.

Thermos Direct Drink Flask

Thermos Direct Drink Flask
There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea or coffee when you’ve been standing in the cold all morning.
Thermos / Amazon

Keeping with the theme of staying warm, hot drinks are a godsend when you’re outside all day. This 470ml thermal flask is designed to keep your coffee warm for up to 10 hours, and can be used for cold drinks too.

It’s big enough to hold a healthy amount of your preferred liquid while not being so unwieldy that you couldn’t slip it into a rucksack. There are some more eye-catching colour options if you prefer, too.

£19.99 / $20

Silca T-Handle Folio wrenches

Set of fancy Allen keys in roll
A set of beautiful wrenches makes maintenance a pleasure.
Matthew Loveridge / Immediate Media

‘Cross is hard on bikes, and ongoing maintenance is unavoidable. It’s always less of a chore (and sometimes actually easier) to use good quality tools like this set of Allen keys and Torx wrenches from Silca.

Designed to be draped over a workstand (or the top tube of your bike), the T-Handle Folio set includes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm Allen keys plus T25 and T30 Torx. All feature a sliding t-handle, and they live in a bag made from sturdy waxed canvas.

  • £180 / $185

DeFeet E-Touch Neon Dura gloves

DeFeet E-Touch Neon Dura gloves
DeFeet gloves are a classic accessory for the Euro cyclist.

DeFeet’s Dura gloves have been around for years and they’re still a bit of a bargain.

They’re not an all-weather solution – you’ll want more protection for serious cold or wet weather – but they’ll remain a great choice as a general purpose all-rounder for temperatures down to around 5 degrees centigrade.

The latest E-Touch version is designed to work with touchscreens and they offer great dexterity for changing gear and braking on the go.

They’re also thin enough that you can use them as a heavy-duty liner under more substantial waterproof gloves, for properly inclement weather.

  • £13 to 20 / $19.99

X-Tools Home Mechanic WorkStand

Bicycle workstand on white background
A workstand is invaluable for bike setup and one like this is light enough to toss in the back of the car to take to races.

A workstand is invaluable for regular maintenance such as brake and gear adjustments, and it also makes everyday race-related tasks such as swapping wheels a whole lot easier.

X-Tools’ stand is a type that’s been sold under a number of names over the years and, while it’s not the sturdiest, it works well enough and folds down to a fairly small size for storage.

Aluminium construction means it’s light enough that you can chuck it in the boot of your car to take to races.

The stand adjusts to heights between 102 and 154cm, and it includes a mat to work on — what more could you want?

  • £59.99

Muc-Off Pressure Washer

Muc-Off branded bicycle-specific electric pressure washer
In pink and black, the pressure washer is true to Muc-Off’s house colours.
Alex Evans

Pressure washing is an incredibly effective way to remove mud and other filth from your bike, but it can do more harm than good if you end up forcing water past bearing seals or damaging paint.

Muc-Off’s pressure washer includes a bike-specific low pressure head to protect your machine, plus a snow-foam option for properly soapy dousings.

This is a mains-powered washer so it’s better suited to thorough washing at home rather than quick spraying in the pits.

  • £119.99

Ahearne Cycles Spaceman Flask Holder

Hip flask and matching bottle cage
It’s a bit of a novelty, but sometimes hydration is about more than just water.
Ahearne Cycles

If you’re looking for a gift for the less-serious cyclocrosser, who perhaps likes a tipple mid-race for some instant warmth or an alternative ‘energy source’, the Ahearne Cycles Spaceman Flask Holder could be the perfect gift.

Designed to work with both the company’s 6oz or 8oz curved hip flasks, Ahearne Cycles has created an unusual bottle cage to fit onto standard bottle cage mounts.

Ahearne Cycles also offers custom engraving on its flasks for an extra cost.

Please drink responsibly and ride safely!

Shipping only to the United States, United Kingdom and selected European and Asian countries. For the full list of country locations check Ahearne’s website.

  • $30 (flask only) / from $55 (with flask)