8 Christmas presents for the designer cyclist

Got a luxury-loving rider in your life? Here's your list…

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While we’re fans of even the most utilitarian of cycling swag, there’s little more pleasing than gawping at the wares available at the more frivolous end of the market.


From a £70 bottle cage to a $16,799 indoor bike, we’ve got eight gift suggestions for the cyclist who appreciates the finer things in life. 

Runwell Aqualia spanner and Take 56 wrench

Runwell makes some of the most beautiful bicycle tools out there. 

Our favourites from the brand’s range are the Take 56 wrench and Aqualia spanner.

Runwell Take 56
This could be the loveliest tool on your shadow board.
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The Take 56 is a lovely, replaceable-bit 5/6mm Allen key wrench. 

The tool is designed for workshop use and it is an absolutely delightful thing. It has a lovely forged shape that is reminiscent of a stick of bamboo (‘take’ actually translates as bamboo from Japanese) and a neat paracord loop is tied onto the end of the wrench for storage.

Runwell Aqualia15
The Runwell Aqualia15 is the perfect 15mm spanner.
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

For the fixed-gear rider in your life, the Aqualia is the most beautiful 15mm spanner out there. 

It’s beautifully made and, with no sharp edges, is even packable in a jersey pocket.

Draper Expert Metric coloured combination spanner set 

Draper coloured spanners
How could you not love these spanners?
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

If Runwell’s offerings don’t tickle your pickle, these spangly spanners from Draper will brighten up any workshop’s shadow board. 

Spanning sizes 6-through-19mm, the spanners form part of Draper’s expert range and, after two years of abuse, still look resplendent in their range of jazzy hues. 

Dickies duck apron

Dickies duck workshop apron
Dickies workshop apron will keep you looking classy while you wrench away.

But what to wear while fiddling with your aforementioned spangly spanners? You couldn’t possibly soil your funky Christmas jersey!

Fret not for we have the answer – the classic workshop apron. 

There are loads of ‘cycling specific’ options from Park Tools or Muc Off out there but, if you really want the fancy-pants rider in your life to stand out, go for something classic from the likes of Dickies. 

With an earthy aesthetic that’ll look equally at home splitting a sequoia, this handsome duck brown number is versatile and fashionable.

Silca bottle cages

Silca Sicuro bottle cage road bike
How could you not love these outrageously expensive bottle cages?
Immediate Media

Silca’s Sicuro bottle cages are the very definition of excess but my goodness do we love them. 

At £70 (£70!) each, these cages sit at the truly frivolous end of gifting, but any roadie in your life will be delighted with a pair of these. 

Straight Cut Design tool roll

Straight Cut Design
Straight Cut Design specialises in fancy made-in-Scotland bike luggage.
Straight Cut Design

Sure, a saddlebag works totally fine, but nothing says ‘this person has a well-curated Instagram feed’ quite like an artisan saddle roll.

Jesting aside, we like the sleek look and fit-and-forget function of a traditional saddle roll, and our current favourite comes from Straight Cut Design. 

Constructed from super-strong 500D Cordura, locked down with a clever camming buckle and handmade in Scotland, the cyclist in your life is guaranteed to be the talk of the cafe stop with this puppy loaded up beneath their peach. 

Spurcycle bell

Spurcycle bell
Spurcycle’s very fancy and exceedingly expensive bell is one of our all-time favourites.
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

We include a Spurcycle bell in this roundup every year, and with good reason.

The now much-imitated (but never equalled) Spurcycle bell is a delightful little ding-a-linger, which is made in the USA almost entirely from metal components.

Loveliness aside, it’s that ring that really makes this bell stand out — it’s loud and bright with a good sustain to boot. 

Anhängsel LOM plant pot

Anhängsel LOM plant pot
The LOM is a vase designed to mount to handlebars, pannier racks or baskets.

If the fashionable rider in your life also has a penchant for succulents, little else could make them as happy as the LOM; a charming bar-mounted plant pot from German design house Anhängsel. 

Made from fully-recyclable polyamide, this daft pot is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

Elite Fuoripista indoor trainer

Elite Fuoripista indoor trainer
The Fuoripista will look resplendent in your outrageously expensive penthouse.

Okay, we don’t actually expect someone to buy this… but, if you do happen to be a bazillionaire and you’ve somehow ended up on this list, and want to buy a truly remarkable gift for the fashionista rider in your life, this is a pretty sure bet.

The Elite Fuoripista is a striking indoor trainer constructed from glass and wood that will set you back a whopping $16,799. 

The Fuoripista has all the features you’d expect of a high-end smart trainer but will look better than a standard option in the middle of your penthouse suite overlooking Manhattan.