The best Christmas gifts for gravel and adventure cyclists

12 perfect present ideas to delight the bikepacking, gravel grinding and wilderness seeking rider in your life

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Gravel and adventure cycling is taking off right now, as roadie’s look to widen their horizons and get off the beaten track.


So, if you know someone with an appetite for adventure, here are ten great gift ideas to help them on their way.

Canyon Grail AL 7.0

Canyon Grail AL 7.0 Green
The Canyon Grail AL 7.0 is a bargain off-road machine.

Winner of the best all-road bike category in BikeRadar’s 2018 Bike of the Year awards, the Canyon Grail AL 7.0 is a classy looking gravel bike that offers brilliant performance and a smart spec all at a great price.

There’s surely nothing more exciting than getting a new bike for Christmas, and this one is fit to take on everything the British winter can throw at you.

Garmin 830 GPS Cycle Computer

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Navigation tools are essential for the keen adventurer, and it’s unlikely you can simply rely on your smartphone and its standard mapping app.

A proper, feature packed GPS cycle computer like the Garmin 830 is ideal – you can upload base maps to the device and then as long as you have a GPS signal, you’ll have navigation. Beyond that, it’s a feature packed tool for training and racing with about 8 hours of battery life.

You can also link it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and customise it’s extensive feature set through the Garmin Connect app. Additionally it integrates effectively with apps like Strava to automatically upload your rides.

Garmin 830
Alex Evans

dhb Merino Long Sleeve Baselayer

dhb Merino Long Sleeve Baselayer
Merino wool is a great fabric for baselayers – it keeps you warm, even when wet and also resists odours.

A Merino wool baselayer will not only help keep you warm, but can usually be worn for multiple days before it starts to get too smelly.

It’s ideal for the cyclist who likes to stray away from the safety of the washing machine for extended periods and doesn’t want to offend their riding buddies, and this one from dhb is also great value.

Fabric Gripper Cage and Gripper Bottle

Fabric Gripper Cage and Bottle
Fabric’s Gripper Cage and Bottle are designed together as a system.

Made of fibre-reinforced nylon and weighing a claimed 38g, Fabric’s Gripper Cages are a subtle, tidy bottle cage to suit any bike.

It’s optimised to hold Fabric’s Gripper bottle, which has a textured surface around the top for added grip – important when you’re trying to have a drink while riding on rough terrain – but will also play nice with standard cycling bottles too.

  • Fabric Gripper Cage: £14.99
  • Fabric Gripper Bottle: £8.99

Giro Agilis Cycle Helmet (MIPS)

Giro Agilis MIPS
Giro’s Agilis MIPS is a new gravel helmet.

Giro helmets usually review well here at BikeRadar thanks to their high quality construction and smart details.

Clearly taking inspiration from the much loved Synthe, the new Agilis road/gravel helmet with MIPS technology looks like a great option at a very nice price. It’s also available in a wide range of colours, so the fashionistas will be happy too.

LifeLine Tubeless Repair Kit

Lifeline Tubeless Repair Kit
A tubeless tyre repair kit is an indispensable item on any epic cycling adventure.

A tubeless tyre repair kit is an essential part of any bikepacker’s luggage, and this one by Lifeline contains everything you need to fix a stubborn hole in your tubeless tyre, thick or thin.

It’s super cheap, but potentially worth its weight in gold if you find yourself in a sticky situation (because your tubeless tyre has a puncture that won’t seal and you’re consequently covered in sealant).

Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Glove

Sealskinz Ultra Grip Glove
Sealskinz Ultra Grip gloves strike a great balance of warmth, waterproofness and dexterity.

Keeping your hands warm and dry is of paramount importance on a big day out. These Sealskinz gloves have a three layer, waterproof construction that keeps your hands warm without adding too much bulk.

The palm and fingers are printed with silicone for added grip and the thumb and forefinger are touchscreen friendly, so you can get your shots for the ‘gram without having to take the gloves off.

Shimano RX8 shoes

Shimano RX8 shoes
Shimano’s RX8 gravel shoe isn’t just a rebadged XC shoe, its been optimised and lightened for gravel riders.
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

Combining the lightness of a road shoe with some of the key elements from cross-country shoes, Shimano’s RX8 gravel shoe is a great premium option for the roadie transitioning into riding off-road.

Constructed with lightweight PU uppers, a carbon sole and bonded TPU rubber grip sections, it has a Velcro and Boa closure system that will be immediately familiar to most road riders.

Rapha Explore Down Jacket

Rapha Explore Down Jacket Purple
Rapha’s Explore Down Jacket is great both on and off the bike, making it perfect for travelling light.

Rapha is well known for its high performing and stylish cycling kit, and its Explore Down Jacket should be just as good off the bike as it is on it.

It’s lightweight, at a claimed 238g for a size medium, and has plenty of insulation thanks to its down construction. It also has a durable water-repellent treatment to keep it performing in inclement weather.

Topeak Alien II 26 Function multi-tool

Topeak Alien II Multi-tool
Topeak’s Alien II multi-tool has practically every tool you could ever need while out on the bike, all in a compact package.

Despite weighing a claimed 290g, the Topeak Alien II packs a whopping 26 tools into its neat little package.

It’s got practically everything you might need to adjust or fix your bike on the go, including a chain tool and two spoke wrenches, making it an absolutely indispensable item of kit for the cyclist who likes to stray off the beaten path.

WTB Resolute Tyres

WTB Resolute Tyres
WTB’s Resolute Tyre is “an outstanding all-condition gravel tyre”.

WTB makes some of the best performing and best looking off-road tyres, and its Resolute is a BikeRadar favourite, with one reviewer calling it “an outstanding all-condition gravel tyre”

While its chunky 42mm+ width (we found they tended to run larger on modern wide rims) might struggle to fit in some frames, if it does, you’ll be laughing.

Zipp Vuka Alumina Clip aerobars

Zipp Vuka Alumina Clip aerobars
Aerobars help you ride further and faster for less effort, making just that little bit easier to take on an epic ride.

Aerobars are a bit of a controversial topic among gravel racers, but there’s no doubt they can help an intrepid cyclist travel further and faster for less effort – so what’s not to like?

Zipp’s Vuka Alumina Clip aerobars are available in either above or below the bar mounts and come with a good amount of adjustability to help you achieve an optimised position. They also have large armrests with generous padding for increased comfort in the aero position.


We got on really well with the previous version, so we’re sure this updated kit will be just as good.