The best Christmas stocking stuffers for cyclists

Affordable gifts that will please every cyclist

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Cycling can be an expensive sport and, as a gift-giver, it can be tricky to decide what to buy the two-wheeled fanatic in your life without ruining your bank balance.


We’ve racked our brains to come up with a list of functional and, most importantly, affordable Christmas stocking fillers that almost any cyclist will appreciate for months or even years to come.

dhb Aeron Merino socks

Dhb Aeron Merino socks
Merino wool is fantastic at keeping you warm.

Even the hardiest mountain biker or roadie won’t want cold feet and toes out on the bike this winter. Treat your loved one to a set of Merino wool winter-weight socks to help reduce the chance of painful chilblains and freezing extremities on the longest and coldest rides.

Merino wool retains its ability to keep its wearer warm even when wet, and at this price the dhb Aeron is a bargain – maybe you’ll want to get a set for yourself to wear around the house to keep cosy.

  • £13.00 / $15.95 / AU$22.00 / €15.99

Lezyne Macro 1100L and Micro 180L lights set

Lezyne Macro 1100L and Micro 180L lights set
This light set from Lezyne is perfect for the commuter or road cyclist who tackles dark, wintery roads.

Spot on for the commuting or city-dwelling cyclist, the Macro 1100L packs quite the punch, lasting for 72 minutes in its maximum setting and pumping out a claimed 1,100 lumens.

The rear light, in its most economical mode, will run for just over 26 hours, so it’s unlikely the recipient will ever be caught short on the bike without illumination.

Okay, they’re quite expensive but they’ll be used for years to come and a loved one’s safety is worth every penny.

  • £109.99 / $145.63 / AU$205.56 / €N/A

Happy Bottom Bum Butter

Happy Bottom Bum Butter
The Happy Bottom Bum Butter is a staple for any long ride.
Immediate Media

Even if the benefits of chamois cream are lost on either you or the person you’re planning on giving it to, the name and packaging of this surprisingly practical and incredibly useful product might sway you to buy it.

For the uninitiated, chamois cream is used by cyclists to provide much-needed lubrication around the nether regions, helping to reduce saddle sores and general chafing caused by long rides.

The Happy Bottom Bum Butter is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients, isn’t tested on animals and is packaged in a recyclable container, so not only does it provide increased comfort in the saddle, it’s also friendlier for the planet than other similar products.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream
Keep your hands looking and feeling good this winter with this fantastic cream.

Winter’s a tough time on cyclists’ hands and because they go from being cold to warm and wet to dry, painful cracks can develop.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands cream is particularly good at keeping your extremities well moisturised to help reduce the chances of cracks in the first place and to repair the damage you’ve already done. We use this cream regularly and confirm it’s particularly good at keeping our mitts in good nick.

  • £12.49 / $8.00 / AU$12.23 / €7.53

SP Connect Roadbike bundle phone holder

SP Connect Roadbike bundle phone holder
Attach your phone to your bike with this handy mount.
SP Connect

Given how our phones have become such integral parts of our lives, why do we always stash them out of the way in bags or pockets when we’re out on the bike?

If you’d like to use your phone for navigation, ride recording and other functions while riding, SP Connect’s Roadbike bundle provides an elegant solution to get your phone onto your bars.

Supplied with a phone cover that doubles up as a mount, a weather cover to protect it from water, dust and dirt, and a mount that allows simultaneous phone and GoPro style attachment for other accessories, this could be the perfect gift for tech-focussed riders out there.

Halo proactive sports wash laundry detergent

Halo proactive sports wash laundry detergent
Not the most exciting stocking filler, but certainly one of the most practical.

When you focus on the facts, it doesn’t take much to realise cycling is a smelly sport. A cyclist’s normally rather expensive Lycra frequently bears the brunt of the odorous efforts of bike riding, so washing it with the correct detergent is essential.

The Halo detergent works in 30-degree washes and is claimed to remove sweat and odours. Perfect!

Knog Oi Classic Bell

Knog Oi Classic Bell
This stylish and slim bell is perfect for alerting people to your presence.

Bells on bikes went through a phase of being particularly uncool, but when they look this good and sound as charming as the Knog Oi, it would be silly to not have one on your bike.

Gift this to your loved ones so that they can alert people of their presence out on their bike, hopefully keeping them safer.

  • £16.99 / $22.95 / AU$31.99 / €19.99

Muc-Off water soluble degreaser

Muc-Off water soluble degreaser
This environmetally-friendly degreaser is perfect for the person who likes to keep their bike spotless.

If the cyclist in your world loves cleaning and fettling with their bike, you can almost bet your life savings on them needing more bike cleaning products.

This can of degreaser should remove built-up dirt, muck, oil and grease from almost any bike part, returning a well-used component to its former glory.

As a fantastic bonus, the degreaser is both water-soluble – which means you can wash it off your bike easily – and biodegradable, so you’re not releasing ghastly chemicals into the environment.

  • £9.99

Topeak SmartHead digital pressure gauge

Topeak SmartHead digital pressure gauge
Measure pressures accurately with this digital pressure gauge.

Compatible with tyres, suspension forks and rear shocks thanks to its 250psi max measuring pressure, the Tokpeak SmartHead pressure gauge is the ideal bit of kit for the eternal bike fettler.

With its digital display, the readout eliminates doubt over air pressures and the adaptable head means it’ll work with both Presta and Schrader valves.

  • £29.99 / $32.95 / AU$59.99 / €32.73