What are your top bike commuting tips?

Share your experiences, tips and advice and help more people get on their bikes

What are your top tips for commuting?

We know that many of you are consummate cycle commuters with pro-level ride to work skills and a veritable treasure trove of hard-earned practical knowledge on literally every element of biking to work. So why not share those hints, tips and skills — you might just make all the difference to someone else’s commute!


There’s no arguing with the benefits of cycling: it can help you get fit, feel less stressed and even reduce your chances of developing diseases like cancer. So we’re big fans of the cycle commute, as it’s not only a way of getting more bike into your day, but is also often cheaper, more efficient and frankly more fun than driving or public transport. 

We’ve been celebrating the bike commute with our Ride to Work week, providing advice on the best bike for cycle commuting, how to upgrade your own bike to make it super-commuter-ready, and even sharing our own favourite nuggets of wisdom from the BikeRadar office. 

Everything from advice on how to ride in traffic to tips from parents on commuting with kids has been covered, but we’re sure there’s plenty more to add and that’s where you come in. 

Share your commuting advice, hints and tips!

We’d love to know those crucial bits of information that have transformed your commute. What advice would you give the newbie commuter on route planning or managing a work wardrobe when you’re riding in? How do you organise your kit, stay motivated when the weather is bad, or get your set-up dialled for the ride. 

What bikes do you use, what kit can’t you live without, what mistakes have you learned from, and what difference has cycling to work made to your life? 

Share the highs, the lows and the lessons… it’s over to you!

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