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Best Cyber Monday indoor training tech deals 2023 | Save up to 58% on turbo training accessories

Upgrade your indoor cycling setup with these tech bargains

Cyber Monday is here and, if it’s winter where you live, now’s the ideal time to bag a bargain on indoor cycling tech.

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Plenty of retailers have launched significant sales where you can pick up all manner of Cyber Monday cycling deals, including lots of reduced smart trainers and indoor cycling accessories.

One of the surest ways to unlock the benefits of indoor cycling is to ride a smart trainer – they have superior ride feel to plain turbo trainers, can connect to indoor cycling apps and often come with integrated power meters, enabling you to train with power.

The best smart trainers can be expensive, but you can save up to 30 per cent with Cyber Monday deals on Wahoo, Tacx and Elite smart trainers.

If you’re just looking to improve your indoor training space, there are also great Cyber Monday savings on trainer tables, gradient simulators and cycling headphones.

Cyber Monday shopping can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. So we’ve combed the web to find genuine indoor training tech deals to save you scrolling for hours.

We’ve split the list into the best smart trainer and indoor training accessories deals.

Best Cyber Monday smart trainer deals

Elite Direto XR – £829.99 £549.99 (save 34%)

Elite Direto XR smart trainer
The Elite Direto XR is now reduced by a third.
Simon von Bromley / Our Media

The second-tier Elite Direto XR has a heavier flywheel than the Suito, which can improve ride feel, and higher maximum power and simulated gradient.

Already good value, helped by the inclusion of accessories such as a cassette, the Elite Direto XR is now on sale with a third off from Tredz.

Elite Suito – £639.99 £449 (save 30%)

Elite Suito smart turbo trainer
Save nearly £200 on the Elite Suito.
Simon von Bromley / Immediate Media

The Elite Suito is the brand’s mid-range direct-drive smart trainer with impressive ride feel and stability.

Setup is simple and an 11-speed Shimano 1015 cassette is included in the price. Most riders will be satisfied with the Suito’s maximum 1,900W power and simulated gradient of 16 per cent.

At Tredz, you can buy the Elite Suito for £449, saving nearly £200.

Tacx Neo 2T – £1,199.99 £1,106 (save 8%)

Cyclist using a Tacx Neo 2T smart trainer
The Tacx Neo 2T is almost silent-running.
Simon Bromley / Immediate Media

Despite being released a few years ago, the Tacx Neo 2T continues to set the benchmark for smart trainers.

Its almost-silent running, exceptional accuracy and wonderfully realistic ride feel don’t come cheap.

But now the cost of Tacx’s premium smart trainer is slightly less prohibitive with a 23 per cent saving from Wiggle.

Wahoo Kickr Core – £549 / $627 £449 / $563  (save 10%)

Wahoo Kickr Core smart trainer
The Wahoo Kickr Core is now even better value.
Our Media

The Kickr Core is Wahoo’s cheapest direct-drive smart trainer and has always presented good value.

Its power accuracy, the maximum power and simulated gradient will satisfy most riders.

Thanks to a nine-per-cent reduction from Amazon, the Kickr Core now costs $563 in the US and less than £450 in the UK.

Tacx Neo Bike Smart – £2,229 £1,999.99 (save 13%)

Tacx NEO Bike
The Tacx NEO Bike Smart has more than 10% off.
Immediate Media

The Tacx NEO Bike Smart isn’t quite one of the best smart bikes due to issues in ERG mode and its feeble in-built fans.

But it performs well in the standard mode, provides stacks of in-ride data and is easy to hop on and off.

With a 13-per-cent discount from Tredz, the Tacx NEO Bike Smart now costs £1,999.

Best Cyber Monday indoor cycling accessory deals

Vacmaster Cardio54 fan – £99.99 £68.80 (save 31%)

Vacmaster Cardio 54 indoor training fan
Stay cooler this winter for cheaper.

Even in a chilly garage, high-intensity intervals on the turbo trainer get very sweaty. A fan can make them a bit more bearable.

The Vacmaster Cardio54 is a powerful floor fan, claimed to be able to replicate headwinds of up to 54km/h. You can adjust its strength with a remote control that you strap to your handlebar, according to the brand.

With 30 per cent off from Amazon, the Vacmaster Cardio54 now costs £68.80 / $85.64.

Wahoo Kickr Headwind indoor cycling fan – £229.99 £183.99 / $230 (save 20%)

Wahoo Kickr Headwind fan for indoor cycling
Save a cool 20% on the Wahoo Kickr Headwind fan.
Our Media

The Wahoo Kickr Headwind indoor cycling fan blasts you with more cooling air (at a maximum speed of 50km/h) when it detects an increase in your speed or heart rate.

You also can pair the fan to the Wahoo Fitness app and control the fan’s four speeds remotely. At Amazon in the UK and US, the Kickr Headwind is reduced by 20 per cent.

Wahoo Kickr Headwind indoor cycling fan bundle – £294.98 £281.99 (save 4%)

Wahoo Kickr Headwind fan for indoor cycling
You’ll need a heart-rate monitor to make the most of the Kickr Headwind.
Our Media

As mentioned above, the Wahoo Kickr Headwind syncs its gust to your heart rate. So if it could make sense to buy one together with a heart-rate monitor, if you don’t already own one.

The Wahoo Kickr Headwind and Tickr Fit heart-rate monitor bundle from Amazon saves you £58.99 / $74 compared to buying them separately.

LifeLine Trainer Table – £119.99 £49.99 (save 58%)

LifeLine Trainer Table
The LifeLine Trainer Table can be raised up to 1.2m high.

A trainer table provides a place to rest the device you’ve connected to your smart trainer and keeps essentials such as water bottles to hand.

The LifeLine Trainer Table comes with a pair of bottle cages, moves on wheels and can be extended up to 1.2m high.

It now costs just £49.99, with 58 per cent off from Wiggle.

Shokz OpenMove headphones – £79.95 £54.95 (save 31%)

Aftershokz Openmove headphones
The OpenMoves remain some of the best headphones we’ve tested.
George Scott / Immediate Media

The Shokz OpenMove headphones combine good fit with clear sound at a modest price.

Thanks to a 31 per cent saving from Amazon, they now cost only £54.95 in the UK and $68.60 in the US.

Shokz OpenRun headphones – £129.95 £89.95 (save 31%)

Shokz OpenRun Headphones
The Shokz OpenRun headphones will also suit cyclists.
Our Media

Being waterproof and having a longer eight-hour claimed battery life, the Shokz OpenRun headphones are pricier than the OpenMoves.

But they’re also now 31 per cent cheaper, at £89.95 in the UK and $112.30 from Amazon.

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