BikeRadar Tech Talk Podcast Ep 3: Mountain bike geometry

Seb and Tom go head-to-head on the topic of mountain bike geometry

Yeti SB165 ridden over rocks

In this episode, BikeRadar’s technical editor Tom Marvin and technical writer Seb Stott cover the somewhat huge topic of mountain bike geometry. While Tom advocates for slightly ‘smaller’ bikes, Seb is definitely a fan of the super-long and slack.


Geometry is key to dictating how a bike rides: long, slack bikes tend to be calm, confident and fast, whereas shorter bikes might be a touch more agile and involving to ride.

There’s no right or wrong, but that’s not to say that Tom and Seb don’t have opinions on the subject.

Cyclist riding silver full-suspension bike downhill in woods
Not surprisingly, the Pole is immensely stable in fast, uneven sections.
Russell Burton

After defining a few terms, the guys chat about their preferences, and how the different aspects of mountain bike geometry alter how a bike feels and rides on the trail.

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